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Wallaby Greek Yogurt Review

I never used to be a yogurt lover as a kid.  Only as I got older after reading the health benefits of yogurt did I realise that yogurt is actually a tasty snack too.  There are so many yogurt choices out there, however, only after tasting Wallaby Organic yogurt did I realize that many of the other yogurt choices are loaded with sugar or just so watered down and not even that tasty in comparison to Wallaby organic yogurts - its just what your tastebuds have been waiting for.

I was sent the Wallaby Organic Greek yogurts for review and was excited to receive a cooler package containing 5 flavors for me to try.  The Greek lowfat yogurts are authentically strained, rich in protein, and made with premium organic ingredients.  In addition to straining, they use their traditional, unhurried cooking process to develop the texture of these yogurts naturally and authentically—bringing you a Greek yogurt that’s not only organic, but unparalleled in taste. 

I tried the Organic Greek low fat yogurt with honey first.  I was apprehensive at first regarding the honey as I've never tried that combination but now its my favorite and I can't get enough of the stuff.  The yogurt came in this unique two-compartment cup which allows you to control how much honey is added to the thick and creamy yogurt and I found myself dumping the whole lot in after my first taste and then turning my spoon over to scrape out the rest of the honey! What you may not be able to control is how much you love each and every bite!

The 5 flavors are

Greek Blueberry

Greek Cherry

Greek Honey

Greek Strawberry

Greek Plain

My daughter saw the other flavors in the fridge and wanted to try one and whoosh the whole yogurt was gone before I knew it.  She did the same thing and tried to scrape the remaining fruit out of the compartment.  I managed to keep the other fruit flavored yogurts out of the kids reach and those other flavors are equally good!  I would certainly recommend this scrumptious yogurt to you all!  You'll never want to switch back to the other brands.

Check out the Oh My Greek Sweepstakes on the Wallaby Organic Facebook Page for a chance to win all 5 flavors and everyone will be eligible in the final Grand Prize drawing next week for 5 VIP coupons and a $100 gift card to Whole Foods Market! Contest ends February 13th.

Find your local store that sells Wallaby Yogurts and try the Australian Style organic yogurt for yourself.  Your taste buds have been waiting for this.

Disclosure: Thank you to Wallaby Yogurts for the review products.  All opinions are of our own, others opinions may vary.


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