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WOW Come enter to win a Kindle Fire #Giveaway

Are you ready to Ignite the Fire this Valentine's Day? We love our readers and now offering a Kindle Fire to 1 lucky reader!

We have teamed up with a group of bloggers to bring you a Kindle Fire Giveaway.  With movie, apps, games, music, reading and more, the Kindle fire is the hottest e-reader out there and you could win it here!

 There are plenty of ways to earn entries as you like all 30 Facebook pages, follow 30 Twitter accounts, and add 12 bloggers to your Google+ circles. Enter using the Rafflecopter form below. The contest ends at 11:59pm EST on February 27, 2012. Please note: All entries will be verified. Shipping is only available to the US per Amazon's restrictions, thus the giveaway is only open to US residents. Good luck!

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Anonymous said:

I would like a kindle fire to give to my sister. She has 3 kids and virtually no time but really wants to be able to read without lugging a huge book around. This would be perfect for her!

jenniewisser said:

I would love one of these!

Unknown said:

Because I don't have one and I would love to get back into reading books like I used to!

Michele said:

I've been looking at e readers but just cant' afford one right now.

Unknown said:

To give as a gift

Lisa Brooks said:

I would like to give one to my mom for mothers day. =)

randy fulgham said:

i would love to win a kindle fire,i like new gagets and techn.

Andrea Southworth said:

I would love a Kindle Fire! What a great giveaway!

Unknown said:

because i do not have one yet and want one really bad

Jennifer Hall said:

I would love to have one, I read so much I have books all over.

Anonymous said:

I would love to give my kids the option of having more books since a Kindle is easily accessed!

themillwood4 at yahoo dot com

Wanda said:

I would love to able to read more books and this is an easy way to do it on the go..also would be great for my. Knitting patterns

Stephanie said:

I want to win so that I can carry it with me everywhere and not have a 30 lb purse, lol! Plus internet access is always nice.

Glenda said:

I want it to use to do reviews on on my blog as well as be able to take it when I take my son to school so I have something to do when I am waiting on him.

Unknown said:

To be able to read when I am waiting for kids to come out of sports practices.

mbrwhs said:

A tablet will be nice!

Anonymous said:

Easier to read once my newborn baby girl arrives in about 7 weeks. Holding a book and turning pages while breastfeeding may be tricky!

Lindsay Hobbs

Francine Anchondo said:

I think they look cool

Hannah said:

I think it would be so convenient! :)

Crystal said:

So I could read on the go!

Shirley said:

I think Tablets are so nice.

Barbara Tryon said:

To get awesome books and everyone says a kindle fire is awesome!!! I can only count 15 blog for the google entries, I counted them twice!

Amy Stossel said:

So would love to give the kindle fire to my daughter!

Unknown said:

Thanks for the chance!!!

Lori said:

Just would love to try one!!

Anonymous said:

Would love to have a library at my fingertips!
radeeolover at yahoo dot com

evie said:

i would love to have one b/c they can almost do as much as ipad, but not as $$$$

evie said:

did anyone else have a problem with one of the google plus not have any information....could not see which one it was only had the followinng information- part of the url and nothing came up

Kali Skittles said:

it'd be convenient

rlbuiten said:

my husband has been wanting one.

Billie Hester said:

I enjoy reading & takes up less room

Bluebyu817 said:

Thank for hosting this amazing giveaway,Can't wait to win:)

Unknown said:

I would like to win a Kindle Fire because everytime that I have saved enough money for one, something always comes up and I put off buying one for myself. If I had a Kindle Fire, I would be sharing it with two of my grandchildren, one is autistic and it would help him. Thanks for a chance to win one.

Kris Mathewson said:

I would Love to win a Kindle Fire because it would be so much easier to carry my books with me! Thank for the Giveaway!

chuck bolster said:

always wanted a tablet & this is a good one!

ElektraLane said:

I would love a kindle fire to be able to check out books from my library that are only available on ebooks!

Tania said:

I have been wanting to get one of these since they have came out. I would put all my ebooks on them to read and surf the web.

La Nora said:

My mother-in-law would be able to download ebooks without having to miss her library due dates!!

Anonymous said:

Would LOVE to win!! Thanks for the op!!

Anonymous said:

Would LOVE to be able to read more, it's so convenient!! Thanks for the op!!

Ashley said:

I've been wanting one to be able to give my mom for her birthday!

Tenielle S said:

My husband loves to read and this would be a perfect gift for him!

Tammi Laney said:

I would love one read all kinds of books.

Jessica said:

I would love to win the kindle fire because I LOVE to read! It would be perfect to stick in my purse and bring everywhere with me!

Lisa Greer Jestes said:

Because I live in a house with a big family. I dont have room for books lol.

Leslie said:

I would LOVE a Kindle Fire to give to my Daughter. She Really wants one!! Thank you for the chance!!!

Adam M said:

I would like one to give to my Wife!

Unknown said:

Hope I win!

Unknown said:

i want to give it to my husband
stacy h

Christi Baham Willie said:

to give to my mom as a HUGE surprise...

Alyx said:

I would love a kindle fire because I LOVE to read! I've been wanting one of these things since they came out. I may or may not be guilty of stocking up on ebooks "just in case..."

momdeb007 said:

i spend alot of time at hospitals and doctors and thiswould be better to take than a laptop.

Breenah said:

I would love the Kindle Fire because it's so much easier to read on an e-reader than an actual book when you have a baby who loves to hear paper rip.

Rockin' Momma said:

For my mom!

Krystal said:

Because i read a lot, and this would cut down on the amount of actual book i have in my home. Less books around means a happier

Monica Burke said:

I love my Kindle and would LOVE to have a Kindle fire too!

Sarah P said:

My son wants a Kindle so desperately and with all we have had to endure the last year, we just can not fit it in the budget. So Mom keeps trying to win one! :)

Poulton Crew said:

I would really like to upgrade my kindle and I don't want to spend the money to do it! This would be an AMAZING gift to myself!!

HaleysMom said:

Since I no longer have a laptop, it would be great to be able to have Internet access when needed. Who knows, might be useful in helping me find a job!

Janice said:

would love to have this for my kids to use!

Abe n Annie said:

My husband would love one!!

Eileen said:

I would love to be able to watch videos and read a book on the same device.

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