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Do you need a sitter? Check out

I'm looking for a sitter for a month in the summer.  My children have been daycare children since babies and this year I'm going to give them a month long break as soon as school breaks.  I want them to be able to just sleep in, relax, play without the go go go of summer camp.  Grant it summer camp is awesome with swim, horseriding, sports etc.... but they need a break!  Unfortunately, I can't take a month off from work so a sitter I'm searching for.
I have specific criterias - college age, must drive, be patient, have cared for children before, good reference and fun.  I can find said person through  I love how I can search for candidates near my house and see a picture of them (a picture paints a thousand words) and their profile.  I didn't realize there are so many good candidates who live near me. 


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