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Enter to #win an iPad2 #GIVEAWAY

We are so thankful for our Readers and we would love for you to win an iPad2 so you can surf the deals, steals and freebies with ease.  The Freebie Junkie, CheckPoints and 49 other fabulous bloggers are offering (1) reader the chance to win an iPad 2 in our Blooming Blog iPad2 Giveaway

CheckPoints provides you an App that pays you back
Simply download the CheckPoints app for your iPhone or Android mobile device. Then, fire up CheckPoints whenever you go shopping.  Check in your location and you’ll see nearby products that you can scan to earn points.   You even get points for simply checking-in and then redeem your earned points for a variety of rewards from gift certificates to your favorite stores and restaurants, to airline miles and must-have electronics.  Even give back to your choice of charitable causes.

Download from the Android MarketDownload from the iTunes App Store

Here's a special promo for my readers - when you register for an account with CheckPoints use the code: freebiejunkie and you will automatically get enough CheckPoints for a free and instant $1 gift card or charitable donation.  What a great way to be rewarded for doing what we love - SHOPPING so sign up (iPhone) (Android) and don't forget to use the freebiejunkie code to grab your free CheckPoints while registering your account!


How to Enter to Win an iPad2 (16Gb with wifi):

1) Download the CheckPoints App for iPhone or Android
2) Register your CheckPoints Account in the app using my bonus code: freebiejunkie
3)Enter to win through the rafflecopter form below (Open to US residents ONLY) - the giveaway ends 4/1/12 @ 8pm EST
a Rafflecopter giveaway

 Check out the generous bloggers involved in this event

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Kecia | From Mom's Desk said:

I would use it for apps and movies. And I'd take it with me to my first blogging conference in June!

Melissa (Books R Us) said:

I would use it for school work.

Anonymous said:

I would use it for fun and socializing while on the run. Movies too.

Anonymous said:

For games!!

Rochel S said:

I would use it for general browsing and for movies!

Steven Grimes said:

WHEN i win the IPAD, I will give it to my wife, so she can have one. She can use it during the day when she is with our son.

Corry said:

I have an aging, heavy laptop that I drag everywhere, and it would be SO nice to have something smaller and lighter to carry around for my general internet activities such as email, social networking, etc. I would also put some apps and movies for my 3.5 year old nephew on it. :)

jenniewisser said:

I'd love it for watching my shows online!

Anonymous said:

I would play with it!!!!!

Anonymous said:

I would take this with me everywhere. I'd really love it for reading books and connecting to my emails. I'd also love this for playing games. I travel often by train to see my Dad and it's a 17 hour trip, so I'd really love to have an Ipad to make the trip go a little faster.
Thanks so much.

Kristin said:

I would use an iPad 2 for many reasons. I know my daughter would love it, I would enjoy using it for recreational purposes, but also I will be on maternity leave starting in May and would love to have one of these to keep me busy for fun and work ;)

christina said:

I would use it for entertainment and to make my life easier!

Terri's Little Haven said:

Thank you so so much for this awesome giveaway. If I win I will let my grand-kids have this. Maybe... ha. Mimi just might keep it for herself since I don't have one yet.

Shannon M said:

To make my life easier

abfantom said:

If I won the iPad2, I would use it for email, web surfing and note taking at work

abfantom at yahoo dot com

Kim H. said:

I would love it for traveling - maps, tripadvisor on the go, etc.

skyejaden at gmail dot com

Sarah Coulsey said:

I would use it for work!! This would be great to take with me to conventions instead of my laptop!!

Allison Downes said:

I would use it for email and movies!

Kimberly said:

I would use it for school!

Katie said:

I would use it for both fun and work!

crankyyanky1 said:

What wouldn't I use it for surfing, watching movies, apps, my school work, the kids can use it for their school work I have wanted one so bad for so long!

nicole said:

I would use it for a AWESOME gift for my awesome husband!!!

Anonymous said:

I would use it for fun, have always wanted one!!

Catalina Gonzalez said:

I would use it for pretty much anything. From email to web browsing to pictures to movies to apps to searching for freebies :) to playing games to showing power points.

clc408 said:

I'd use an iPad for watching movies and staying in touch by email on the go.

susan1215 said:

If I won the iPad2, I would use it for email and web surfing

s2s2 at comcast dot net

ElektraLane said:

I would use it for about everything. Web, apps, games, music. Espcially whileon the go!

Lindasayswhat said:

I would use it for school.

Mary Casper said:

for sweeping on the go

Rich said:

i'd use the ipad for school

evie said:

i would use the ipad when i am waiting in dr. office, in bed since i have a pc, to take pictures of my doggies to post on fcbk

carol said:

I would use my IPad for when I am traveling

Guardchic7789 said:

I would love to use the ipad for school! I am an SLP grad student and many co students and professors have the most amazing apps that help children with special needs! Also, I would like to use it for my own personal fun!

Anonymous said:

fun! fun! fun!

magic5905 said:

Movies and reading
magic5905 at embarqmail dot com

KaeliH said:

For entering more giveaways!! From the couch!!

Melissa B said:

fun, work, school, kids would also love it!

Anonymous said:

i would use it everyday and use it for shopping and fun.

Unknown said:

I would use it to do the same things I use my iPad to do. I would blog, find coupons, write lists (grocery, 'to do', 'honey-do') and enjoy games (Tiny Zoo, Zombie Farm, and Zombie Life, as well as Angry Birds!). I would give my iPad to my hubby and the kids.

sweepmom said:

I would use it to check email and facebook.

Lee Bell said:

Because I have to keep up with everybody

Jason Crooks said:

I would use it for music, reading, facebook, and anything else that I may be able to figure out on it.

Unknown said:

I would take this with me everywhere. I'd really love it for reading books and connecting to my emails. I'd also love this for playing games.

Linda said:

I would use it for when I'm traveling instead of lugging my MacBook Pro around.

Azslyn said:

i would use it for letting my son play games on it and i would use it for appointment booking for fashion makeup artistry, i have always wanted to try one it would be most helpful =}

mildred floyd said:

I imajine it can be used for most of the things a regular computer can be used for, but portable. I like games and entering contests. i have lots of email I must check, because I enter contests.

JennaKettle said:

I would use the ipad2 to help me access student loan and college information, GET INTO SCHOOL and evenutally would use it for school :) yay!

kristisdeals1 said:

I would use the ipad to check email, look up recipes and check on deals.

Jody said:

I would use the ipad for games, reading, and keeping up with my friends on email/facebook.

Anonymous said:

I'd use it to download apps that save & make me money!!
Brooke LaMenza

Crazylicious85 said:

I would use it for social networking, games & checking email!
Thanks for the giveaway,
Allison (Allie Lanc on rafflecopter)

Deanna said:

I would use it when I would be SO much easier to carry than a big laptop!

Lisa said:

I really want us to stop having my notes and stuff all over the place for work. I would love this! :)

sm093722 said:

Great contest! Thanks!

Ari G said:

I would use my Ipad 2 to bring to school everyday as an alternative to notebooks ;) Go green!

Mario T said:

I would use this for about anything. I also loveeee apps and it would be a handy tool to have around the house!

Jackie said:

I'd use it for email and to visit the blogs I enjoy following!

desiab said:

I would use it to keep up with my coupon and savings blogs.

Barbara Tryon said:

For facebook and emails!!!

simplymerry said:

watching movies in bed... :) we don't have a laptop anymore, just desktops, so this would be awesome to have portability again.
(mary michaud)

Arun Singh said:

i like to play with new things and remain updated from tech news .

buzzd said:

for work and for socializing

Unknown said:

I would use it for apps that scan shows on TV and twitter

jopb said:

I would use it to simplify my work

Courtney Reads said:

For fun, socializing, reading, anything really.

courtnut1990 at yahoo dot com

brittkneesaur said:

Id use it for work, socializing and fun :D

Anonymous said:

I'd use this for my daughters.

Unknown said:

Thanks for the chance!

Anonymous said:

I'f give the ipad to my children. We are all excited about the learning apps available. Thanks

Abigail Martinez said:

I would use it for school, and for my daughter.

Jeremy Espinosa said:

I would use it for live performance in my DJ sets. Also this comment is from my gmail but my entry is tied to my hotmail. magicjeremy1(at)

Jennifer hall said:

I would use it for Blogging and School!

Unknown said:

I would use it for everything and replace my laptop with it

Illy Junus said:

i can used the ipad for my son game and also surfing the internet while traveling

Anonymous said:

that is an awesome deal

Denise Taylor-Dennis said:

The $25 Amazon gift card would be a great reward from the checkpoints app

rawfish55 said:

For games.

Unknown said:

at checkpoints the prize i like is the louis vuitton $500 gift certificate!

fdsafsd said:

Stopping by from the hop! Awesome blog and awesome giveaway hope you will stop by mine

fdsafsd said:


nickieisis3 said:


jessica @peekababy said:

the 16G ipad with wifi

stephanie said:

I checked out the CheckPoints App and would want the ipad2-it is just amazing and would make my life easier! Thanks for the chance! :-)

Gabrielle said:

I would use it for blogging and entertainment!

Anonymous said:

another ipad ... 3 kids with autism and 1 ipad means a lot of fighting.

KatM21 said:

amazon gift cards, to save up for Christmas shopping.

BooBooNinja said:

For school!

Anonymous said:

I would get the home depot gift card with my points

Patricia Hurlburt said:

Just donated 300 checkpoints for ARC Tornado relief. Also I am having trouble putting my twitter name into my entries for some reason. It is shortNscrappy. Thanks!

Kali Cloutier said:

the KitchenAid Mixer!

gentlebenswife said:

I would love to win the ipad 2 for my special needs kids to use in our homeschool. My autistic 16 yr. old son, would probably like it the best.

Maura said:


sa-weet said:

I don't have a smartphone :(

amramazon280 said:

amazon gc!

Abbie O. said:

I would like to redeem points for: the Home Depot gift cards, as we just bought a house. Dreaming, I'd love to have enough points for the Kitchen Aid mixer or I-Pad, ha ha. :)

happynutty at msn dot com

Stefy Ste said:
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nancy -The Frugal Dietitian said:

Would love to win one!!!

danw78704 said:

twitted this today

danw78704 said:

twitted this blog giveaway

danw78704 said:

twitted Ipad 2 giveaway

Jorgen Mann said:


Chelsie Fletcher said:

I'd want this one first ;) 16GB iPad 2 w/Wifi

danw78704 said:

twitted this Ipad giveaway

Anonymous said:

I would surely love to redeem a WII gameset. -

Anonymous said:

I would roll it over into a bigger prize.

danw78704 said:

twitted this blog giveaway

danw78704 said:

twitted this blog giveaway today

danw78704 said:

twitted blog giveaway by freebie

XmasDolly said:

First I would learn how to use it, and then use it for my own entertainment like movies & music videos or what I'll more then likely do with it is a mother's choice to give to my oldest daughter for a birthday present. Come on how many times did you go to the store to buy you some new clothes & came home with clothes for the kids. hehehehe Been there. Done that. lol

Anonymous said:

I would love to have this Ipad 2 being a single mom can't afford to buy one. thanks ahead of time

Unknown said:

I would use it to check email and facebook.

Stefy Ste said:
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said:

I would love an amazon giftcard because amazon has everything!!

brandi said:

use it for universityu, be perfect ofor carrying to class and otg !!! :)

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