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Free sample of Miracle Gro Expand ‘N Grow


The weather this winter sure has been odd.  However, I'm so excited to get my organic garden started up.  We have all our seeds and just waiting to get them started.  I usually plant the seedlings 2 weeks after Mother's day so it still a bit early to start them indoors!  We live in PA so it takes a while for the ground temperature to warm up.
What will you be growing this Spring?
We'll be starting up Zucchini, tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce, beet, eggplant,carrots and some Asian vegetable varieties.
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I'm not sure how much we'll get but its free.
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Deanna said:

we grow tomatoes. Does this product really work? Have you tried it?

The Freebie Junkie said:

Deanna, I've never tried this product

CDM said:

I saw this in the store, I was kindda curous, but it is WAY more expensive than the standard bags of gardening dirt. In my area (central Ohio) it was about $12 for 4 sq feet.

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