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Fun Inexpensive Family Time Ideas

Everyone in our household looks forward to the weekend. The weekends to us means no work and no school.

Since my husband and I both work out of the home during the week we use the weekend to catch up on family time. The kids love the weekend as they get to stay up late and wake up late - although that doesn't always happen as their internal clock has them up only half an hour later than their normal week day rise.  We spend a lot of time on sports, activities and get togethers with friends.

Family time doesn't have to cost a lot!  Here are some fun inexpensive family time ideas.

1. Head to the library and borrow some family reading books.
2. Have fun at your local park and meet some new friends while you are there
3. Take a family walk or bike ride around your neighborhood
4. Lowes and Home Depot offer free kids build-it activities at the weekend.  
5. Put together a lunch and have a picnic on the grass - even your own back yard works
6. While making dinner get the kids involved in the prep work and baking
7. Dust off those board games for hours of fun
8. Rent a movie from Redbox and grab a best pizza delivery
9.  Organize a pot luck dinner with friends and family - not only do you share in the food costs but you might find some new recipes
10. Pull out your arts and craft material and make birthday and occasion cards.  You will have fun in the process but also save money on buying expensive cards.

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