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Gas prices too high? Save on Gas this Spring and Summer at Plastic Jungle

Can you believe how much we pay for gas these days.  Its pretty steep and its still early days.  Wait till summer gets here where everyone starts going to the beach or on their vacations and they'll be jacking prices up even further.  As you know I like to save on the things I need enabling me to buy the things I want. Gas unfortunately is a necessity in the burbs and there's not many coupons out there to save.  My Giants store offers gas savings while you shop but it doesn't work well as the price to go drive to my closest Giant affiliated gas station negates the actual saving! 
Plastic Jungle to the rescue!  Plastic Jungle offers Great Deals on Gift Cards at so many stores.  Since we are talking about gas prices Plastic Jungle offers a 2% discounts on the following gas gift cards!  Every little counts! Go check them out:
Arco Gas Card 
Shell Gas Card
Chevron Gas Card
Why not Make some extra cash this spring or summer by selling your gift cards for cash.  Go gather up all those unused gift cards that have been gathering dust in your wallet or drawer and sell them at Plastic Jungle!
Go ahead and make some extra money that you didn't know you already had.
Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for Plastic Jungle in exchange for our honest review.  All opinions are of my own, others may vary.

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