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Got a Bib? Print an Embelle Bib Target Coupon

Oh I remember the good old baby days when you could cart that bundle of joy from place to place and have unconditional love any time you blow a raspberry on their belly!  Now my babies are 5 and 7 and all I get is never ending attitude lol. However, I do miss those days especially feeding time when they were 9 months old.  My babies were eating machines and oh what a mess they made too!  We had countless bibs at hand especially for when they were teething and drooling all over the place.

Bibs these days are so stylish and cute.  We were given a sushi themed bib as my two were sushi monsters when they were toddlers.  Check out these cute Embelle bibs!  I love the stethascope bib and the office shirt one is adorable.  Now I need a baby so I can tote them around in these cute bibs.

The Embelle bibs can be found at Target!  yay my favorite store!

COUPON ALERT has a fabulous coupon for you.  Print the $1/2 coupon here so not to miss out as I'm sure these hot potatoes will go quick!  Use zip code 08002 if you can't find the coupon.


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post in exchange for my honest opinions.  All others opinions may vary.

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