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*HOT* FREE Meal Planning Service for LIFE

Being a working mama means meal times are a chore
With homework, a long tired day and two kids who just want mama's attention I have no inspiration when it comes to planning healthy fun meals!  However, I'm a huge advocate of family meal times and we always make sure we sit down as a family to eat.  So why not get some help! 
I've been using Food on the Table online budget meal planning service and just love how I can plan meals easily and on a budget!  New members can take advantage of a HOT offer this month!
For a limited time you can use promo code MARFREE to score their meal planning service FREE for life! WooHoo!

Follow to get your free meal planning service

* Click here and enter your email address + the promo code MARFREE
(don't log in with Facebook, as you won't be able to apply promo code)
* Choose your local grocery store from the list provided
* You'll then be prompted to select your food preferences (pick out your favorite meats, indicate whether you have any food allergies, pick your favorite types of food like Mexican or Italian)
* You'll then be provided with a list of the items on sale at your local store and you'll need to pick what you're in the mood for. Then just browse through all the recommended recipes, pick the ones that sound the most appealing to you and add all of them to your weekly meal plan.
* Once you have decided on all the recipes, you'll be presented with a grocery list that you can print, email to yourself and/or send to your iPhone!


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