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I've had my fair share of houses.  I lived in my parents home for 18 years, moved to college and lived in a dorm room for 1 year and the remaining years of college in squalid off campus housing.  After college I lived with a landlady for a few years before heading to the US where my husband-to-be had put his savings on the down payment for our dream home.  Since then we've moved twice and still living the dream. While everyone's dream of owning their own home isn't quite a reality especially in this economy it can be with a few little tricks to earn your down payment!

There are ways to make some easy money

Look around your home and start collecting items to sell.  If you haven't used something for 6 months the chances of you using it the next 6 months or more is low so go ahead and sell it.  I love selling items on ebay and craigslist.  I also donate a lot of items to charity or freecycle or pass on clothes and toys to family and friends.  Not only will you make money but you'll also help keep your home organized and neat.

Blog about it
I share a lot of my deals on my website here and for my time I make a little cash on the side through ads and sponsored posts.  Every little counts so if you have time why don't you start your own blog.

Online surveys
While you are online surfing the freebies, steals and deals head to survey sites where you'll be paid to provide your opinion on brand products.

Cut back
Look through your spendings and figure out what you can cut to save some money.  Do you really need that daily cup of Joe from Starbucks? or that monthly manicure and pedicure?  You will be amazed at how much you can save if you cut back on one little vice.

Make a phone call
Go through all your bills and make a call to each account and ask for a reduction.  Twice a year I call up AT&T and Verizon and mention that I'm looking around for other services and wondered if there are any specials or incentives for members to stay with their current service.  Usually, I'm offered a monthly discount or free services.  If you don't ask you don't get.

Loose Change
I'm not a big fan of loose change and I regularly throw out all my loose change into a collection jar.  At the end of the year I usually amass over $100 worth in coins.  It feels great to go cash that in at the bank.

Take on an extra job
While many Americans work 2 or more jobs to make ends meet look for an extra job that you enjoy.  My brother-in-law is now retired but makes a little extra money as a wrestling referee.  My second job is my blog : )

With your hard earnt money, make your money work for you and find the best mortgage deals.  The mortgage rates are low and there's no money to be made on the stocks so invest your money on your own home.

Tell us how you save/make money?

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