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peg42 said:

The most extreme thing that I've done is taken suba diving classes, got certified and went on a dive in the ocean. For me, this is extreme because I'm afraid of sharks.
Thanks so much.

Ann F said:

I'm not very extreme! I would say some downhill skiing is about the most extreme I get!

abfantom at yahoo dot com

Jessica said:

I'm not very extreme either! Probably would have to be ziplining in Costa Rica!

jek9880 at gmail dot com

Megan said:

I think rollercoasters are about as extreme as I go.

clc408 said:

I climbed a mountain

Leenburke said:

Given birth without drugs!

Mary Casper said:

I once jumped out of a perfectly good airplane!

sweepmom said:

I have done ziplining and white water rafting.

Unknown said:

I streaked!!!
dailydealsjc (at)

Unknown said:

I tried a freeze-dried silkworm. yuck!

Tanaya Syx said:

Camped in the snow.

anne said:

The most extreme thing that I have done is have my infected toenail removed by my dad at home without anesthesia because I cannot wait to go to the hospital the next day because it hurts so much.

Ravzie said:

I went scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef on a liveaboard dive boat.

polly said:

i went snow skiing down a hill that was way harder than a beginner skier should have attempted...took me forever because i was on my rear end so much...not fun at all!

Anonymous said:

I lived in Africa for nine years, that was pretty extreme!

JACLYN said:

We drove up a closed icy mountain road in Vermont.

mike hall said:

fingers numb

Marissa, Brianna, Benny, & Tara said:

I think being in labor for 34 hours, 3 hours active labor, was pretty extreme.
-Tara Berke Torres

redamethyst said:

I think the most extreme that I have done is to walk around 28KMs

redamethyst said:

Wasn't able to like A Frugal Floridian & Gumdrops & Groanings because it says: This page can't be seen by the current user. Please check page privacy and visibility settings.

Kelly Marceau said:

I'm not exteme at all. I drive every day, thats about as extreme as I get, I try to play it safe.

AuroraNightOwl said:

had twin boys :D

Ashley S said:

Bungee jumping, I think.

Ron Miller said:

snorkling in shark infested waters off Hawaii

~Sherie~ said:

I'm not really an extreme person.

anita b. said:

take pole dancing class!

rlego said:

The most extreme thing I have done is white water river rafting.

Ashley S said:

Bungee jumping.

Anonymous said:

I wrote a threat letter to a bad teacher when I was in 4th grade. Is that counted? lol

kristen extance said:

got 4 tattoos without parents knowing :)

Anonymous said:

Not a very extreme person. I'm pretty gutsy and don't let anything stop me when I put my mind to it but I can't say extreme is my style.
Also, wanted to let you know that the site for voting for websites that gave you 25 points does not have an area for voting. Seem I'm not the only one with this problem. It there some other way to vote???? Thanks for you help in this matter...

Chelsea S said:

I am a more safe/cautious person so I haven't done many extreme things. I think the most extreme has to be rock climbing down a tiny cliff onto a beach. It really was tiny.

Rhea Nadine Sy said:

The most extreme thing I have done is the water rafting adventure with my friends! I don't even know how to swim and yet I tried that! HAHAHA! Really risky but it's worth it!:)))

Lisa said:

I have yet to do too many extreme things, LOL. Maybe I'll hit my wild side in my 50s. :)

Zandria said:

Ran between two bison herds. Yikes thats all I can say

Unknown said:

The most extreme thing I've done is foxhunting in England on horseback. Much crazier and faster than foxhunting in the US!

Unknown said:

I'm guess I'm not that extreme.

Anonymous said:

Getting married super fast! LOL. But it was definitely worth it.

Anonymous said:

Going back to school!

Anonymous said:

I went body surfing lol

Joyce Mlinek said:

Go snow skiing in Colorado. joycemlinek1 at yahoo dot com

Katie said:

I am boring. Extreme for me is staying up past midnight, haha.

Unknown said:

survived in mountains

Anonymous said:

The most extreme thing I have done was gone back to school at 29 years old. Yikes its exhausting.

Globug's Cottage said:

After my husband passed away, I decided to "get away from it all" and flew (for the first time) over to Scotland and toured for 6 weeks, including the Isle of Skye where my ancestor's came from. I returned home at peace with my soul.

Nancye said:

I went to China and climbed the Great Wall, walked in Tiannenem Square, toured the Forbidden Palace and brought home my beautiful baby girl! :)

nancyecdavis AT bellsouth DOT net

weeziestoy said:

Nothing....I am basically a coward....

linnylou6603 said:

Helped my husband and his father build a house from the ground up. That was EXTREME!lol

Anonymous said:

Riding in a car with a maniac driving over 140 miles per hour. My mother would have had a heart attack if she knew.

Becca Ann said:

I joined the army when I was 20!

Teaching Mommy said:

ride wheelies on motorcyles

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