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K'Nex NASCAR® Building Sets Review @KNEX

My son is at the stage where he still loves playing with his cars but he now has the dexterity to also build them.  He spends a lot of time building vehicles out of K'Nex pieces. Its great for me as I know he is using his imagination which helps builds his spatial skills and help with math problems - the quietness in the house is an added bonus.  The K'Nex box is one of the first things that gets played with when the boys come over for playdates.

K'Nex has launched some cool new NASCAR® Building Sets! You can build and customize cars from your favorite teams and drivers!  We're already Nascar fans as my husband's previous job entailed brand sponsorship of a Nascar team.  We were fortunate to be able to attend Nascar races and go into the pits to watch the race and even meet some of the drivers.  My son already has a bunch of Nascar match box cars and he was so excited to open the K'Nex package that were received for review.  He already knew the Home Depot team car as his favorite color is orange and Joey Logano is his favorite Nascar driver.  These K'Nex Nascar building sets are easy to build and now are one of his favorite toys to play with.

Mario™ Figure BagYoshi™ Figure BagLuigi™ Figure Bag
We also received some cute Mario, Luigi and Yoshi K'Nex figures for review.  These bags consist of 3 pieces to build your very own Mario™ figure.   These went well with the Nascar cars as my son used them as pit crew guys.  I grew up playing Mario Kart games as a kid and now my children get to play Mario Karts on Wii. Its great to see my childhood memories come back full circle for my children to enjoy. At only $4.99 these are perfect for the Easter basket.

With Easter coming up add some K'Nex pieces to your children's easter basket.  Engage their minds with imaginative toys instead of loading up on candy.  Purchase your K'Nex Nascar building sets and Mario figures online at the K'Nex online store or checkout at Amazon.

Disclosure: I received K'NEX products for the purpose of our honest review. All opinions are of my own, others may vary.

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