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Pamper Mom $300 Cash Giveaway (OPEN WORLDWIDE)

"Of all the rights of women, the greatest is to be a mother" by: Lin Yutang, Chinese writer

We are Thankful for our Readers and we would love for you to win some cash to make your Mother's Day extra special

The Freebie Junkie and Children Teaching Mama are joined by other fabulous bloggers in offering 1 lucky reader the chance to win $300 in our Pamper Me Cash Giveaway event
The cash giveaway is open to all worldwide and will be paid directly into your paypal account
What would you do with $300? 
Splurge on a new wardrobe? 
Spend a day at the spa?
Enroll in a new class?
Take a family away for the weekend?
To enter the Pamper Me $300 Cash Giveaway simply fill out the rafflecopter form below. 
Only the first entry is mandatory, the rest are optional, but of course the more entries you complete, the greater your chances of winning this prize! This giveaway will end on May 9, 2012 @ 11:59PM (EST).
Please note that you only need to enter this giveaway ONCE since we are all using the SAME Rafflecopter widget code.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This event was made possible by these amazing bloggers:
The Freebie Junkie | Children Teaching Mama
Racing and Saving Mama |Mommy's Coupon Train | Daily Mothering |Our Share of Crazy | The Mama Report |Fort Hood Savers | Keenly Kristin | Jenn's Blah Blah Blog | Raising my Boys | Shopper Strategy | Woven by Words |Mom and More | Tatum's Family Reviews| Ramblings of a Wannabe Writer | Retail Therapy Lounge | And The Little Ones Too | Make Money From Your Kitchen | Chocolates and Figs | Mom Mart | Coupon With Cents | Mama Writes| Gone Klippin' Krazy | Mama Nibbles | Prew Chatterly Everything Girly | Frugal-Shopping | Joy Of Momma Joyner |Grocery Alerts | Simply Shawn N Jenn | Smarty Saver |To Sew With Love

Be in it to win it

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Emilie C said:

I would use it on getting my car fixed :)

jenniewisser said:

I think we would go to the beach for the weekend!

Anonymous said:

A weekend getaway!!!

Kristie B said:

I would put it towards our Disney World trip this summer!

won said:

If I won, I'd spend the money on keeping my household afloat since I just found out no more child support - ex is unemployed.

(Wendy T on rafflecopter)

Bethany C. said:


Anonymous said:

I would spoil me and my Mom.

aldelei89 said:

i'd buy my own Kindle and purchase some books/ebooks..clothes.. and go food trippin' with bf and friends :) xx

VickieB said:

I'd get some blouses and shoes for work

Mousssey said:

need to get caught up on bills with cutbacks at work :(

Shelley Paige said:

something for my husband... a camera accessory maybe.

Jamie said:

I would buy diapers for my daughter and some new clothes!

Anonymous said:

I would use it to buy things that my daughter needs

g said:

I'd buy a new set of pots and pans..the expensive kind.

April K. said:

A kindle. Thanks for the chance to win.

Terri said:

I would use the money to help my local womens shelter. I try to help them as much as I can. Thanks for the chance to win. I am also having a huge blog candy giveaway if you are interested. It is for a cricut cartridge, many punches, deco brads, ribbon, ink, chipboard, stickers, stars to hang on the wall and decorate and more. Thanks so much. Terri of Two Pink Peas Terrico3 at ameritech dot net

Cathy said:

I would use it if I was lucky enough to buy lots of craft supplies...woohoo!!!!! thanks for chance to win

Ivy I. said:

I'll treat my Mom all day long during Mother's day!

VickieB said:
This comment has been removed by the author.
Angie said:

I would spend it on maternity clothes that I need desperately.

Luanne said:

I love paper crafting and if I won I would splurge on stamps and dies, and maybe a machine for upgrade. :)

Fern Tan said:

Buy myself skincare products

Tiffstufflestreet said:

for bills and a new printer

Jeanna said:

I would use it towards an Ipad for myself!

Anonymous said:

I need the money to get caught up and not be broke all the time.

Lisbeth Kellogg said:

I would use the money to buy some new jeans! I only have two good pair and no money to buy more right now!

Chelsea Saulpaugh said:

I would use it toward an iPad.

Unknown said:

Probably some bills - how exciting!

Millie Rojas said:

I would use it towards my rent. Especilally since I will be short again this month :(

Adrienne B. said:

weekend getaway for just me and my husband :)

Anonymous said:

I would use it for gas money to get home for my best friend's wedding!

Amber said:

A video baby monitor! Splurge!

angela said:

I would save it towards a vacation.

Stefy Ste said:

ciao ho fatto tutto sono stefy ste fb

Megan said:

Probably house stuff.

Victoria R. said:

A spa day for me and my mom!

Unknown said:

Car repairs unfortunately.

H Trinity Ferguson said:

I would use it towards getting pictures taken of my new baby, myself and her grandmas!

Rhymers said:

I would use partly towards our fishing trip and the other towards clothing as I lost a lot of weight and all my clothes are too big.

Chandra (Fanatic about Saving) said:

Some new clothes for my oldest becouse he has grown a foot over winter!
Morrisonmom01 at yahoo dot com

Jessica said:

I'm saving up for a trip to Equador! Id use it for that!

jek9880 at gmail dot com said:

I need things for the house. I would love to shop without worry. Thank you for this giveaway!!

Trina Mock said:

I'd probably use most of the money to pay my bills.

Stacey said:

It would either go towards bills or I'd treat my little family for a day out somewhere exciting. :)

Thanks for the awesome giveaway! :)

Mel said:

I would use it to buy birthday presents for my sisters-in-law (they both have a birthday in May).

Stephanie said:

I would use it to help out with our vacation when my husband comes home from Afghanistan.

Unknown said:

I would put this money toward bringing my daughter out to Las Vegas at Christmas. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

Pat R said:

With 4 grandchildren under 2, it isn't hard to tell where the money would go!

Pat R said:

I already like you on FB

Pat R said:

I already like Childrenteachingmomma on FB

jbafaith said:

My grandson is graduating next month and it is also my mom's birthday, so I want to drive to IA from FL to be there. That is 1500 miles and I don't have enough money for gas. This would be such a big help for my trip!

Megan said:

I'd buy a new lens for my DSLR.

judy gregory said:

car repairs

Patricia said:

Tires for car and what was left would go in son graduation party fund.

Heather Kelly said:

I would buy some newborn babylegs, a Fisher Price Newborn sleeper, a maya ring sling, some new clothes, new bedding set, and some paint to redo my daughter's room, halls, and bathrooms!

Heather K.
mysticbutterfly37 at

Angela Saver said:

I would use it to buy clothes for our family

catherine thomas said:

New Clothes I need them.

Shilo Beedy said:

I would use it for a couch

Erica said:

New clothes

Tari M. said:

I would hire a maid/cleaning service to come give my house a good Spring clean and take hubby out for a dinner date :)

Sarah said:

I would surprise my husband by getting my hairdone, a new outfit, and a special surprise dinner :)

Anonymous said:

Give it to my sister-in-law bc she needs it for the 50th anniversarry party she's planning for our in-laws.

Colleen Fuller said:

I would buy diapers and another car seat! I have a huge list with two babies. Thank you!

Anonymous said:

I'd spend it on food for our upcoming beach vacation. said:

I would love to spend this worry free. What a way to shop!!! Thank you for this giveaway!!!

Unknown said:

truthfully I'd spend half on me and the rest on the family :) said:

Thank you for this great giveaway!

Marija P said:

I would buy my daughter the things she needs.

brandi ellison said:

Put in the vacation fund!

Anonymous said:

I would get groceries so my kids could eat.

Anonymous said:

I would put it towards a family vacation.
kathy f
mknkids at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said:

I would buy some gifts for my mother and father and buy some jewelry-making kits for my little business.

Anonymous said:

I would buy things for my family. said:

After I stop crying about my win i would take my time shopping without worry. Thank you!!!!

Unknown said:

books said:

I would shop with glee all day. Thank you so much!!!

Nikki said:

I'd spend the money on bills! Sad, but true LOL

loverofanimals49 at yahoo dot com

Erin said:

I would put it toward a much-needed vacation!

Joyce Perkins said:

I would pay bills and haircut and color.

Dorothy said:

Well my mom just had her rent money stolen the guy got arrested and all of us kids pitched in to pay her rent.
The thing is she had just gotten out of the hospital from double bypass.
Moms has 8 eight kids and raised us on her own. She been through a lot but no matter what she goes through she is always there for us...always.
So I would take her to lunch and shopping cause she never buys anything for herself. <3

nelida leon said:

if I win. would use half for me and the rest for my baby girl, she needs clothes. I'm not working so I couldn't buy clothes and shoes for her.

Stephen said:

A mother will always be there for her children. From the day I was born until now, she never let me feel like I am alone. She assured that she is with me in every journey I take in life. This mother's day, I would like to give back. If ever I would win, I would make sure she gets pampered; have a temporary relief from all the hardships she had endured for us, her children.

Lucky Llanes said:

If I win, I'll use it to treat my Mom to an expensive dinner, a day of pampering at the spa, and a movie date! We can even go shopping if there's still some money left. My mom always gets tired doing household chores just to make sure that we're always comfortable and have all we need. And I'd like to show my gratitude for that by treating her out :)
Thanks for the giveaway and hoping to win this! ^^

TwoCents said:

IF I won I would put it towards a swing set for my kids

Lana said:

I'd buy 2 months of gymnastics classes for my 8 year old and the rest would go toward the bicycle I've been drooling over, in an effort to take better care of my health.

Rebecca said:

This year will be my first as a mother :) I have a doctor's appointment on the 14th (the day after Mother's Day.) This money would be so much help towards bills and all other items I will need for my new baby. Thank you so much for the opportunity!

natalie horschel said:

I would get some summer clothes!

tabitha said:

i would take my mom out to eat anywhere she wants to go, her birthday is also durning mothers day weekend.

K. Brook said:

I would buy new kitchen gadgets :)

Nicole said:

I would take my mom and my grandmother out for the whole day, treat them for a spa, shop and eat all day long. =D O:)

Malia said:

i'd use it for some new clothes for myself and my daughters!

Unknown said:


Odette {OdettesVintage} said:

I'd put it towards some bills and take the family out to dinner.

Pragaashtin said:

for sure a mobile phone

jenny at dapperhouse said:

pay my medical bills from surgery (UGH) rather go on a summer sandal shopping spree!!!

Jen At Dapperhouse

Julia said:

All extra $$ are going to a home addition project we've been working on since last fall

Theresa T said:

I would save it for a few months - then spend it on our first baby's room.

Elizabeth R. said:

I would use it on a day at the spa!

Unknown said:

Reviewers Retreat!! :)

Anonymous said:

sad to say .....bills. but i might throw in a massage from a groupon special!

Anonymous said:

I would do a HUGE grocery!

Anonymous said:

Groceries, lol.

Tina Scully said:

I would by my grandson a crib

yanmaneee said:
Anonymous said:

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Anonymous said:

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