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Anonymous said:

stuff for my family

Eric said:

To help pay for my trip

Anonymous said:

Abu Garcia baitcaster combo

Anonymous said:

I would use the $500 to buy gifts for my family! (CP ID: camk29)

Kevin V S said:

To help buy things for friends and family like I never could before.

Korianne said:

A plane ticket.

Patty said:

I would buy things my husband needs for work and play.

webe4angels said:

Hi there!!
I would use the $500 for a long over sue vacation!

webe4angels said:


Anonymous said:

Clothes tools for my dads and some toys for baby brother

Linda said:

I would use the Amazon GC to purchase everything on my wish list, such as beauty products and books i would like to read!

anytablake said:

I would replace my desktop computer whalsoich has been broken for the last 6 months. Also, books, health goods and a movie or two.

Anonymous said:

I would use the $500 for my sons birthday presents and the rest for this upcoming Christmas for my kids.

Jennifer said:

I would use the $500 and stock up on diapers, buy gifts for my sister's baby shower, and use the rest for birthdays.

Sofian said:

I'll buy stuff for my daughter and my wife on Amazon

Anonymous said:

I could by so many videogames! Or a videogame system, maybe. I would also share the money, like buying a couple of Wii points cards to share with my friend or buying something for my family that they need. $500 is a lot of money.

Anonymous said:

Ide get a 360 and probably a ring for my fiance :)

Anonymous said:

Books for me and a wedding gift for my best friend!

Anonymous said:

I would use the $500 to buy my kid his dream ps3 he always asks me to buy it for him but I have no money to buy it for him I really wished I did

Anonymous said:

Lots of books

Anonymous said:

Christmasof 2012!

Anonymous said:

An ipad3!!!

Beth M said:


kiki said:

care package for my brother going away for college

Anonymous said:

I would buy my boyfriend a ps3 and the new purple 3ds for me.

Anonymous said:

I'd probably use it to buy my grandchildren some things.

@danitapia88 said:

It will help me with my two girls diapers and wipes.

Angelia N. said:

I would buy personal items, an inexpensive tablet and an inexpensive piece of exercise equipment. And...if they contribute to people having rights/freedom; world peace; and ending ignorance, illness, poverty and hunger...that's even better.:)

Brittney L said:

I'd pay for books for school or get an iPad

Anonymous said:

I would get a lot of small things I need for my coming visit to puerto rico

Anonymous said:

I would use it to buy things for kids in need . Such as toys , clothing items, and other things that kids that are less fortunate Couldn't be able to have.

Anonymous said:

A kindle and stuff for needy people

Anonymous said:

I would buy a new ps3

ShelbyAE said:

I would buy a few kitchen appliances & maybe a gift for the hubby!

aisha said:

I would purchase chool supplies and material like books to get ready for next years homeschooling year :)

Anonymous said:

Buying pc gaming stuff like

New graphic card

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