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alternavites Kids Quick Melting Vitamins Review

My kids are super active at school and good nutrition is important for their growing bodies.  While I can control what they eat at home, lunches at school is different.  I allow my son to buy lunch one day a week and I'm sure its tasty but not so nutritious.  Since they were young toddlers I've been supplementing their diet with vitamins.  Thank goodness for the ever growing number of kid friendly vitamin products out there. The gummy vitamins certainly made life easier for me as the kids love taking their morning vitamin.  I eat them myself, certainly beats the nasty chalky tasting tablet vitamins that exist for adults. 

However, I just learned how much sugar one of these gummy vitamins contain.  Some nutritional supplements contained as much sugar as a piece of candy while others contained artificial sweeteners, colors and flavoring.  No wonder my children loved their morning gummies - its candy in essence, plus add on the artificial colors and flavorings to the already high sugar content which can make my kids more than hyper.

alternaVites Kids offers an option to parents who wish to give their children a daily multivitamin that has the nutrients kids need, but without the sugar and additives they don't!  alternaVites Kids contains 17 essential vitamins and minerals specially formulated for children ages 4 and up.

alternaVites is the most versatile and unique vitamin on the market - alternaVites Kids can be poured directly on the tongue (think pixie stick!), mixed into yogurts, puddings or smoothies, licked off a spoon, or even sprinkled on top of fruit. 

There are two awesome flavors:  strawberry bubble gum and raspberry cotton candy.  We were excited to try the raspberry cotton candy flavor as cotton candy is my children's favorite Rita's water ice flavor.  alternatives contains 0 grams of sugar & is free of aspartame and high fructose corn, no artificial sweeteners, colors, flavors, or preservatives and contains no egg, milk, peanut, tree nuts, wheat, soy, fish or shellfish and no animal products or by-products.  It is certified kosher pareve.  

I was curious to see how this would taste myself especially with no sugar and no artificial sweetner.  The packets were super easy to open - no scissors required.  I just tore at the perforated area and poured directly on my tongue.  It was pretty good!  My children loved it and certainly thought of these as pixie sticks candy but there's no telling that there is no sugar in them.  These packets are great as you can fit them into any busy schedule. 

alternaVites Kids are available at for $15.95 (a one month’s supply/30 daily dose packets).

Disclosure: I was provided a saple of alternavites for our review in exchange for our honest opinion.  All others opinions may vary.

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