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Free SUMMER Movies for the kids

School's letting out so lets take a look at the FREE Summer MOVIES that are available to us

Movies are a great way to get out of the summer heat
Summer KidFest! 2012 Free Summer Movies at Cinemaworld
Clearview Cinemas Kid's Club Free Summer Movies 2012
Great Escape Movie Theaters Summer Kids Movies 2012
Bookworm Wednesdays
Muvico Theaters Free Summer Movie Film Fest
Marquee Cinema 2012 Kid's Summer Movie Program
Free Redbox code (movies at home) - Sign up for text message to your cell phone and you'll get a free redbox code the first Monday of the month.  Refer friends to Redbox online and get a free rental code.
This is an obvious one but everyone forgets! Head to the library for free DVD's: )

 Not Free But Cheap Summer Movies
Regal's Summer Movie Express, Cinemark's Summer Movie Clubhouse, Classic Cinemas, Georgia Theater Company and Harkins Theatres will be having $1 summer movies for kids to enjoy this summer.


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