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Heads Up: Buy Gift Cards at a Discount this week!

 Its Graduation time so why not save money on those graduation gifts by purchasing gift cards at a discount!  Plastic Jungle has some fabulous discounts this week! Check them out below!

Starbucks is a splurge for me!  But for the younger generation its not a splurge but a necessity during exam time! So why not splurge on your graduate and save money at the same time!

Wednesday - Purchase a Starbucks Gift Card at a 7-9% discount

Your graduate needs some light summer reads...

Thursday - Purchase Barnes and Nobles Gift Cards at a 14-15% discount

Your graduate needs a break and movies are a nice relaxer!

Friday - Purchase Fandango Gift Cards at a 11-12% discount

Why pay full price on gift cards when you can get them at Plastic Jungle at a discount. 


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