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Enter to win a $500 gift card with the CheckPoints Star Spangled Giveaway

Enter to win a $500 gift card with the CheckPoints Star Spangled Giveaway!

School's Out and the weather's heating up and it's a great time to stock up on all of your summer necessities from  CheckPoints, the #1 Lifestyle Rewards Smartphone App is giving away a $500 Amazon Gift Card to one lucky winner! 
What would you do with a $500 Amazon Gift Card? Splurge on a bounce house for the kids? or an ipad for your freebie deals search?

CheckPoints provides you an App that pays you back
Simply download the CheckPoints app for your iPhone or Android mobile device. Then, fire up CheckPoints whenever you go shopping.  Check in your location and you’ll see nearby products that you can scan to earn points.   Grab more points for simply checking-in and then redeem your earned points for a variety of rewards from gift certificates to your favorite stores and restaurants, to airline miles and the latest must-have electronics.  You even have the option to give back to your choice of charitable causes. 
Here's a special promo for my readers - when you register for an account with CheckPoints use the code: freebiejunkie and you will automatically get enough CheckPoints for a free and instant $1 gift card or charitable donation.  What a great way to be rewarded for doing what we love - SHOPPING so sign up (iPhone) (Android) and don't forget to use the freebiejunkie code to grab your free CheckPoints while registering your account!


ONE Lucky reader will win the $500 Amazon Gift Card!
Please note the rafflecopter entry form is embedded in the CheckPoints mobile app.  To access this rafflecopter entry form you must download the CheckPoints App on your Smart phone first and register for an account to get to the rafflecopter entry form.  Follow the instructions below to be in for a chance to win

1) Download the CheckPoints App for FREE from Google Play or iTunes.

2) Register for an account using my bonus code freebiejunkie
3) Under the "Collect" tab in the App, choose "Easy Points" and select "Enter to Win a $500 Amazon Gift Card!" from the menu.

4) Follow the instructions on the Rafflecopter form to complete as many entries as you like!  Login to the rafflecopter form with your facebook login (not your email address) for easy access to all the entries.  
 Tweet about the giveaway by clicking the tweet button below 

Come back each day to the rafflecopter form for extra bonus entries to increase your chance of winning. Bonus entries include easy blog comments, tweets and secret code words - so its worth checking in.

The $500 Amazon Card giveaway is open to US residents only.  Giveaway ends 11:59pm EST on July 18th, 2012. Good Luck.
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fefetwimom said:

I would buy something for each of my kids, then my husband, then finally myself, probably a kindle fire for me but who knows really.when you see all the fun stuff your mind always changes until you finally buy something

Unknown said:

Wishlist has mostly music CDs, concert DVDs, and some games. So would start with those. Probably then buy some gifts for various good friends.

Peggy Damon said:

I would buy plenty...household items, food, books the list is endless...maybe save some for birthdays coming up

Anonymous said:

I would buy an ipad for my kids

Anonymous said:

I would buy some kindles for my family so we could all read together.

Jennifer Speed said:

I would most likely buy an iPad or a new phone

Anonymous said:

I would buy a bunch of pool noodles for the pool and have a huge battle.

Nikki said:

I would spend it on stuff for our new home. Wall hangings, picture frames, new comforter set etc :)

Anonymous said:

I would combine it with the amazon gift cards I got from a 150,000 point jackpot so I could buy a laptop or a new ps3/hd tv.

Unknown said:

A juicer

Anonymous said:

Would use the $500 for some fun shopping on my fiancé and me.

Anonymous said:

I would get my younger sister the iPod she wanted and I would get a nice necklace that I've wanted for awhile

Anonymous said:

Birthday gift for my parent

Anonymous said:

I'd get something special for the people who sacrificed so much for me, it would be nice to have some money so I could do something special for them as a token of my gradititude

Katie Bragg said:

I would get my momma the kindle fire she wants!!

shefrn1 said:

IPad or tablet

christaj3 said:

Summer activities for my kids!

Anonymous said:

A new DVD player!

Colleen Boudreau said:

A kindle fire!

Anonymous said:

IPod, or maybe put it towards a laptop!

Jan cpID mishkismom said:

I would use it for groceries and other needed household items.
CpID- mishkismom

Jessica farmer said:

Diapers! For my babygirl ;)

Unknown said:

If I won I would use it on a bike and accessories(=

AshBoh4 said:

I'd spend it on my family...a day of shopping, eating and fun:)

Unknown said:

I'd spend it in car parts.

Anonymous said:

I'd buy lowering springs for my car!!

Sceptile said:

I want to use to buy many great things

Anonymous said:

School stuff

casey said:

I would buy camera equipment so I can capture better pictures of my son. (Casey29)

Unknown said:

Checkpoints is awesome. Amazon $500 sweepstakes

slehan said:

I'll put it toward an Amazon Fire.
Thanks for the contest.

Anonymous said:

Buy a kindle or ipad

Anonymous said:

I would like to be able to get my 1 yr old some new clothes, and my wife something nice.

Anonymous said:

I would buy air soft gear and outdoor supplies

riggles28 said:

I would get my father a GPS system for his travels & Mom a back massager to help her arthritis. I'd treat myself to a new camera for fun summer family photos!

Anonymous said:

If I would win the 500.00 amazon card I would put it toward the purchase of a capresso espresso machine.

Diet Blog! said:

I would put it towards a new laptop!!

Anonymous said:

I would like to buy a 10x or an ipad

Ashline J. said:

I would buy my mom a camera or a blender that she wanted.

Anonymous said:

I would take a hotel stay with my daughter and have fun

Anonymous said:

I would use the $500 gift card to buy books and fund my college education .

Anonymous said:

I would buy something for the kids- probably new IPods.

Anonymous said:

Buy a book!

stacyb327 said:

I world but my Kids clothes and buy myself a portable countertop dishwasher!!!!!

Mariel Stoltzfus said:

If i would win the amazon gift card I would buy clothes and then donate it to a family who needs it. Also I could buy food and donate that to a soup kitchen too.

Anonymous said:

I would buy the new iPad a handy tool to help with my business

Anonymous said:

Buy a new PS3

Anonymous said:

I would purchase a Trek bike.

Anonymous said:

if i would win,i would buy a dslr camera because i have a growing passion for photography.

lgreen335 said:

If I won the $500 gift card, I would use it for groceries. Money has been really tight since I became disabled.

Angie B said:

I would use the $500 gc to get an early start on Christmas

Charlie T. said:

Put it towards my own personal library!

Anonymous said:

I would buy a spa day

Lucero H. said:

If I won the $500 gift card I would spend it all on books

Unknown said:

There is a lot of stuff I would get with the gift card like a Kindle Fire.

Cassandra said:

I would buy something extravagant for my mother since she does so much for me.

Donte said:

I'll finally find my girlfriend a ring to propose with.

shan320m said:

I would probably spend it on books for college or shoes.

Anonymous said:

I would get myself a nice piece of jewerly

Anonymous said:

i would get a new home theater sound ystem

Anonymous said:

I would buy an apple computer

Anonymous said:

I would buy a new computer & a laptop!!

Anonymous said:

I would purchase books and supplies for going back to school which I hope to do as soon as I save enough money to do so!

Anonymous said:

I would buy an iPad with the $500 amazon gift card

Anonymous said:

I would spend it on a new TV

VictoriaEM said:

If I were to win a $500 gift card for Amazon it would probably be spent on textbooks and apartment necessities!

Anonymous said:

I would buy my boyfriend an amazing present because I haven't got him much and he gets me things all the time and never gets anything in return because I don't have the money to get him anything exspensive an nice.

Anonymous said:

I would use the gift card to decorate our bathroom. We are moving this weekend and are in dire need of new towels.

Anonymous said:

Buy stuff

Anonymous said:

if I won this amazon card I would use it to buy my college books and/or supplies! then if I have any extra money left I would spoil myself with some earings :)

Megan said:

i would buy so much makeup! and products to help me make more soap, i always by my glycerin from amazon.

Carissa hudson said:

I would buy my daughter a twin bed. She is 6 and still in a toddler bed. I feel bad but money is that tight

Unknown said:

I would by stuff for my girls and the house

Anonymous said:

I would buy my mom an e-reader since reading is her favorite thing but she doesn't have one

John said:

I would buy an Xbox 360 or ps3 or maybe an apple tv.

Anonymous said:

I would buy a bike for myself so I can get to work without spending money on gas!!!

Anonymous said:

So many things I need this price will give me a good start

Michael Lavore said:

My ex just moved my daughter 1300 miles away, so I would buy my daughter a laptop so we could video chat on Skype or some other application.

Anonymous said:

I would buy computer components to build my fist computer.

Anonymous said:

I would buy a new computer or an iPad.

Anonymous said:

I would buy a new iPad with my $500 Amazon gift card.

Anonymous said:

I would buy a new tv with my amazon gift card

K bible said:

I would use it to take me hubby in a trip. He deserves it after a transplant!

Anonymous said:

Hope to buy a iPad

Anonymous said:

I would buy as many books as possible, of course after I buy I few things for friends and family.

Anonymous said:

I would buy an iPad

Anonymous said:

I would buy an ipad

Unknown said:

Would definitely use it to buy my daughters the twin over full bunk bed they have been begging me for! And the new bedding they want to go with it.

havoc983 said:


Anonymous said:

I love this site I hope I Winn the amazon GC

Unknown said:

I would like to buy a new Tv for my bedroom I am stil have analog Tv it will be great to have a new one

Melissa said:

Would love a silkscreen kit for my buisness

Anonymous said:

This gift card would be a blessing. My refrigerator is broken, car is brokedown, oven doesn't work, computer is on it's way out, and I have been wearing clothes that dont fit for 3 years because I cannot afford new ones. Maybe $500 could help towards a refrigerator, or computer, or a car part. There are too many things I can't afford to really pick one.

Crystal b said:

Would love to win this! :)

Anonymous said:

I would love to win this gift card from Amazon! It would buy a lot of Christmas gifts for the family.

Anonymous said:

I would buy beat headphones

Anonymous said:

I would spend the $ 500.00 gift card from that, I win in CheckPoints on a new Office Computer Desk. Thanks


Ekane31 said:

I would spend it all on my grandchildren!

Anonymous said:

I would buy school supplies for me and my brother. Money is tight so it's hard for my parents to get us what we want

Xavier said:

I would buy my college Textbooks for a semester and any left over gc money I'd buy my girlfriend a 1 year anniversary present!

Anonymous said:

I would surprise my husband with it. I am sure it will ease his mind about me being pregnant lol!

Anonymous said:

I would buy new shoes for work and maybe a DVR.

Anonymous said:

If I won this would go towards a new guitar that my best friend wants to follow we dreams of becoming a musician.

Cecil Atom said:

I would use some of it for a bunch of books on my kindle. (kirc0109 at

Sharon Braswell said:

I would spend it on food and clothes!
Thank You!

Anonymous said:

Who won?

Anonymous said:

Still waiting to hear who won. I helped promote the giveaway and would like to let readers know. Thank you!

Anonymous said:

Okay ... I guess I can forget about publishing and sharing a winner.

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