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6 Ways Your Cell Phone Can Save Your Life

Our cell phones have easily become an extension of our lives. We talk on them. We use them to send text messages. We even search online for information we need from the palm of our hand. While cell phones have introduced a lot of convenience to our lives they might just turn into a lifesaver, too.  Considering there is an application, or better known as an “app,” for almost anything you can think of, your cell phone soon turns into a survival guide for almost any situation. Check out this list of six apps that can save your life when you easily connect with t-mobile androidphones or other types of smartphones.


One of the most upredictable environments is a combat zone.  You have to think fast and you have to think in the moment. Even if you aren’t a military professional, you’ll find yourself in situations that you don’t know how to handle. Better yet, when you download the Isurvival app, you can be proactive in figuring out how to handle situations before they are staring you in the face. 

You’re lost in the woods and need to build a shelter with twigs, Isurvival has step-by-step instructions on what materials you probably have access to and how to assemble what you have to create the shelter you need. You’re hiking on a trail and get lost along the way. Another example of information the app provides is how to tell which plants and berries are poisonous and which ones are edible.

If you’re having symptoms, it could mean you have an illness or disease. Prior to going to the doctor, the Itriage app helps you to determine what your symptoms suggest you have. The app was created by emergency room (ER) doctors and nurses. The information lets you know how to treat the problem on your own or whether you should seek professional medical assistance.

For example, you cut your finger while slicing onions. You’re not sure if the cut is deep enough that you need stitches, or if putting a butterfly band aid will be enough to close the wound. Itriage helps you determine how to stop the bleeding and assess the severity of the cut. You have flu-like symptoms, but you’re not sure if it's straight influenza or the more severe bird flu. Itriage helps you determine the symptoms that turn the regular flu into bird flu that requires a more stringent medication regimen. 

SOS Rescue Me
 You’ve heard the stories. A family gets lost in the woods, in their case, in the middle of winter. A girl walking home from school gets kidnapped and thrown in the trunk of a car. You accidentally drive into a canal and the door handle breaks off in your hand before you can escape. The SOS Rescue me app allows you to quickly send out a text message to all of your emergency contacts that includes your current location, so they know where to find you. Even if you can’t type what the emergency is, your loved ones know you need help and where they should send help.

 Taxi Magic
Drinking and driving is dangerous. It puts your own life in jeopardy and puts the lives of others on the road in peril too. Taxi Magic is an app that quickly and easily allows you to hail and pay for a cab right where you stand. Using GPS, the app zooms into your location and puts a cab in route to where you are. You can even pay for the cab using the app and your credit card, which comes in handy if you’ve spent all your money on drinks.

 Breast cancer is one of the leading causes of death in men and women. The earlier men or women can detect breast cancer, the better the chances of receiving treatment in time, and the better the survival rate. This also means that self-detection is the key to conducting your own breast exams in between normal doctor visits. The challenge then becomes conducting the self-exams correctly. The Ibreastcheck app walks you through the steps of performing efficient, yet effective self breast exams. It’s information that just might save your life.

Pocket First Aid and CPR 
 You’re babysitting and one of the children starts to choke. You’re in a restaurant and the lady at the next table is doing the universal sign for “I’m choking!” You’re at the lake and your friend cuts her foot on the sharp edge of a rock and her foot is bleeding profusely. CPR and first aid knowledge comes in handy in all of these situations and more. In this situation, you have the information you need in the palm of your hand, on your cell phone. It might not only save your life, but could save someone else’s life in the process.

Cell phones have become an accessory. They are often seen as the medium for modern conveniences, such as calling someone while driving in the car. You might use it to search for information online or to send off a quick text message. What might not come to mind at first, but is definitely true, is that your cell phone gives you access that might just save your life — or the lives of others.

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