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Bra Types

 As soon as I was old enough I worked at the weekend and after school for extra money.  My first job was at a burger joint, I soon progressed to a shoe store and then onto a department store.  One of my favorite positions at the department store was in the Lingerie department.  I went on an offsite training to be a professional bra fitter.  Who knew I needed an 8 hour training to be certified? But after the training it was clear that there is more to buying a bra than meets the eye.

 Not only do you have to find a style that suits you and you feel comfortable in, you also need to check what size it is that you actually need. Many women don’t know it but depending upon your hormone levels and even slight fluctuations in weight, the shape and size of our chest can change dramatically. That is why women are recommended to go for bra fittings every 6 months and have different bras to counter these changes. However; finding your correct size is the easy bit - next you are faced with rails upon rails of different types of bras. 

Let’s have a look at the most popular ones out there. 
 One of the most popular types of bra on the market today is the t-shirt bra; almost all women will have at least one of these types of bra. It is designed so that it does not have any raised seams meaning it can be worn under a tight t-shirt without it being seen. One of the most practical everyday bras is the full support bra. As the name suggests, this bra offers full support for the breasts and is one of the most comfortable bras available. These come in both underwired and non-wired varieties and can also be padded. 

 Padded bras are another popular type of bra. These have padding inside the lining and are designed to give a fuller shape to smaller breasts; however, unlike push up bras, padded bras tend to only support the breasts rather than significantly lift them in any way. Minimizer bras are designed to have the opposite effect to push up or padded bras. They are there to flatten the breast and create the illusion of being a cup size or two smaller than they actually are. These bra types are often found to be more comfortable than other bras. I often save money by going to get fitted in-store and then searching online for bras.  A brand where you can find a variety of such bras and other bra styles are Panache Bras

 Disclosure: This is a featured post brought to you by Panache Bras 

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Karen Chayne said:

Wow! I learned a lot about different bra types. Now I know that the one that I'm wearing frequently is called the t-shirt bra. :)

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