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COUPON ALERT: MPG Fall 2012 Active Wear 25% Coupon Code

I love the Fall because it is the run up in my opinion to the best holiday season of the year and the weather allows you to be out all day without have to shelter from the heat of the summer o the cold of the winter.  Also at night its cool enough to fit comfortably in jeans or sweatpants and a light jacket for those firepit parties.  I love pulling out my fall clothes and my favorite has to be my active wear.  After work and at weekends you'll find me in a pair of black workout pants and t-shirt or sweat shirt.  I do try to squeeze in some workouts when I can but I wear active wear mainly because it is comfy when relaxing with my family. 
 Mondetta Performance Gear (MPG), a Canadian activewear apparel label has made big waves across North America offers sophisticated workout wear that makes it stylish to wear workout gear anytime.   Stylish active wear makes me feel good and it motivates me to work out that much harder. 

 MPG recently launched their dynamic 'My Performance, My Lifestyle' Fall 2012 Collection.  I am so excited to be one of a few select bloggers to review their new Fall collection because I previewed the MPG Spring 2011 collection and just love their clothing.  I chose the Hera ruched v-neck t-shirt and Nova pants and Trek microfleece jacket from their collection for review.  The Hera ruched v-neck t-shirt is practical for workouts yet also perfect for running errands without looking like I just came right out of the gym.  The ruched design is also forgiving for the weekends when I've splurged on breakfast or lunch with the family.  I live in yoga pants at the weekends and the Nova bottoms are so well made and the material is thick so that this will definetely hold up during the wash.  The Trek microfleece jacket is so flattering because it hugs my bodyline defining my body yet keeping me warm.  Sometimes you get what you pay for and MPG's active wear is certainly worth investing in.  Instead of looking like a couch potato in my workout gear I look like I'm a confident Yoga master without having to put in the years of workouts ; ) 
The 'My Performance, My Lifestyle' campaign features 'models' who are first and foremost athletes, dancers and performers and are able, in the images and videos created this season, to show the garments in both active and fashion settings. The individuals in this season's campaign, the MPG Messengers, are as follows:

Check out with this awesome coupon code mpgfall2012 for a generous 25% discount at MPG's online store here.  WHAT are you waiting for?   Be stylish while being active.
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Disclosure:  I received MPG products to aid in my personal review. All others opinions may vary.

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I love their activewear. This would be a good time to pick up some Christmas gifts too. Thanks

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Sounds comfy! :)

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