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Tiny Prints 2012 Holiday card collection + Special Offer

Its early but I'm already thinking about Christmas Cards.  I love searching online for wintery themed pajamas for the kids because every Thanksgiving I set up my wintery Christmas tree scene in my hallway and have the kids smile.

When they were babies it was so difficult to get them to sit up, let alone smile.  Each year got a little easier.  I don't have to pay a fortune for sitting fees and photos at the studios I make my own fun Christmas cards through Tiny Prints by downloading a photo onto their website.  The children know the routine by now and so I get the best smiles from them in exchange for a candy cane (yes bribery goes far in my household).

I also download a tongue-in-cheek photo to the inside of my card.  I'm sure my recipients laugh out loud as this is a true depiction of my kiddies characters : )

The hard part is picking a Christmas design from Tiny Prints.  When in the Tiny Prints website simply look for the filters down the left side to help make it easy to narrow down the selection.  There is a lot to choose from in the 2012 collection!

This is my first choice!
The best part is I save these cards every year and I'll accumulate my own makeshift album through the years!
Never pay full price - so check out Tiny Print's Special Offers page here before checking out.
  Disclosure: this is a sponsored post for Tiny Prints, all opinions are of my own, others opinions may vary.

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