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UNJUNK™ your Halloween with UNREAL™ Candy

My children are so excited for Halloween.  My son is ready to be a Zombie and my daughter has finally moved on from the Princess stage to be a cute Witch.  There are so many Halloween parties over the next week that they will surely accumulate a nice pile of candy before the big neighborhood raid on October 31st.

I allow my kids to eat a tiny bit of their stash in moderation but the majority is taken away simply because that is a lot of sugar and junk for their system.  Last year we donated a big stash of their candy loot to the army which was a win win for our household and to all the troops who long for a sugar fix while out in the battle field.  This year we will consider UNREAL™ candy.

UNREAL™ candy was borne from a Father who confiscated his 13 year old son's candy the morning after Halloween.  His son was upset that his Father took his candy away and so he did some research online (to prove to his dad that candy isn’t so bad).  He discovered that his dad was right (for once).  His son learned that the worst parts of candy (such as hydrogenated oils, corn syrup, artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives) aren’t there to make it taste good.  They are there to make it cheaper to produce. I can believe this - simply because the bottom line for many companies these days are profit rather than the health of their customers or employees.
 Unreal Candy's mission is to challenge what we have come to accept in our food and its our effect on our health - to unjunk the world.  Read more about Unreal Candy on their website.  The stats below just says it all.

We were excited to host a party for our friends courtesy of UNREAL™ Candy to spread the word and do a taste test!  We hosted a fun Halloween party at our house with Halloween arts and craft, snacks and a movie for the kids.

The Halloween party was a success.  The kids were intrigued by the bright UNREAL™ Candy packaging and immediately ripped open the packaging to reveal familiar looking candy.  Unbeknownst to them, it was the good stuff that could be eaten without worry.  They sure were a happy bunch watching their movie while munching on UNREAL™ Candy and ice cream - a hit for the parents and kids alike.  Especially, for the parents since there was plenty of peace and quiet for us to enjoy our night in.

Unreal Candy will be coming to 30,000+ stores and can be found at the following stores here.

Disclosure: We were provided an awesome Unreal Candy party package in exchange for our candid opinions.  All others opinions may vary.

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Dinheiro Rapido said:

halloween, I love you

Savingwith Saveone said:

Unreal candy is great! and especially for Halloween. I hope lots of parents buy this for their kids.

Becca S said:

Great idea! Kids need to start eating healthier. But...halloween is just one of those once a year things, right?? :)

jeanette sheets said:

i love hallowen this candy is great

slehan said:

I like all the stuff this candy doesn't have. And the same calories as a pear (tho the pear is better)

sara ford said:

yes most of the year my kids dont get candy or soda but on Halloween I let them have a hay day. I can say after that night the candy bags go up and they get to pick 5 a day

Kelsey said:

Oh my gosh this is awesome. I will totally have to buy these instead!

Tanya said:

I really want to try this, I had a coupon to try it free but it has not come to my area yet :( hopefully very soon!

Bianca Roman said:

I haven't yet heard of this, but my son is a tad bit too young to be eating candy-candy hah..but this makes me sad that we were able to enjoy the fatty-not-good-for-you candy :( - if that makes any sense?

Rachel Gibson said:

How cool! I will have to try this!

Amber Nara said:

Wow I am going to have to look int to Unreal candy while in town today!! Sounds like a great thing for a sweet treat and the kids! I love the healthier + side to it! Thanks for sharing!!!

Jennifer Speed said:

I like the peanut butter cups...I'm not to keen on their m&m like candies though...

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