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K'Nex Mario and Bowser Ice Race Playset Review

Christmas is just around the corner and my son has already circled items he wants from the store toy books that came in the mail.  The K'Nex playsets have been heavily featured this year and of course these are items on my son's wish list.  The K'Nex playsets are so imaginative and actually fun for adults and kids alike because they often feature fun character's or games that we already know and love.  For example, the Mario and Bowser Ice Racing Building Set is based on the Mario Kart Wii game.  We actually have the Wii game and so seeing the game come alive with K'Nex is really cool.

We received the K'Nex Mario and Bowser Ice race playset for review and as soon as the box arrived my 7 year old son got to work putting it together.  The quiet while he put together the set was bliss but soon enough the battery powered Mario and Bowser motor Karts replaces the quiet with fun filled laughter.  You do have to provide your own batteries which was not a problem for me as I always have a stash ready.  Its crazy how fast the Karts go on these regular batteries.  The 14 pieces of buildable, interconnectable track creates a closed loop for the Karts to race around.  The track provides 2 moving obstacles: Penguins & Shy-Guy Snowboarders which add some fun when the super-fast motor Karts blasts around the track. There are also 2 collectible items from the game: a star and a blooper!   I love how you can combine this set with other sets from the Mario Kart Wii Series to build even bigger tracks!

We give this game a big thumbs up.  This Christmas engage your children's minds with imaginative toys.  Purchase your K'Nex Nascar building sets and Mario figures online at the K'Nex online store or checkout at Amazon.

Disclosure: I received K'NEX products for the purpose of soliciting our honest review. All opinions are of my own, others may vary.

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Debra Wagner said:

I grew up with knex and had loads of fun

tracey said:

my son would love this
rochelle johnson

Amo said:

I might buy this for my nephew. He is obsessed with Mario! ANd he has been for years! Thanks for the info!

trishden said:

I think my nephew would love this, with a little help from his dad. Thanks for introducing us to this.

Trish F

Jenn Hiles said:

I got my nephew some Knex tinker toys for Christmas, I saw some reviews on blogs for them and they looked like a lot of fun and something my brother could do with his son!

Debra Wagner said:

Knex is such fun for girls and boys!

Anonymous said:

Oooo! Our family loves Mario but I'd never heard of this! It looks really fun!

Unknown said:

Oh my gosh, this is TOO COOL!!! I had a ton of these sets when I was a kid and I still love Mario...I would totally play with this ;)

misty farmer said:

This would be a great gift for my nephew may have to check it out! Thanks, great review!

Unknown said:

My son LOVES Mario so after reading your review it's obvious this is something he would love for Christmas :)

Becca S said:

I have some of the Mario Kart pieces for my son for Christmas. This would make a great addition!

Wanda B said:

K'Nex and Mario is a great combination!!

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