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Vera bradley STEALS at Rue La La - hurry over

There are a lot of Vera Bradley items on SALE at Rue La La (daily deal site)!  Go check them out here now!  Still time to get them for Christmas!

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candigrl_cv said:

i own one of her bags, and everyone is always asking to borrow it, NOOOTTTTT LOLL i tell them get your own... would love to own more , maybe someday will treat myself to another ;) Thanks for sharing

HarleyC said:

I would love one of her bags, wish I could afford it!

Unknown said:

I appreciate you doing this blog and bringing all of these deals to us. Keep up the great work!

Debra Wagner said:

They are good prices for Vera, good job!

sherabbit36 said:

oooohhhh i love vera bradley bags they are great, thanks

alena said:

what a pretty bags with great low it!

Unknown said:

Be still my heart! I love Vera Bradley designs. Fot this coming Christmas my hope is to get my step girls a couple things since they like VB as well.

Unknown said:

I went over to Rue La La, but could not find any VEra stuff, but that's ok. I REALLY didn't need to buy it!

Unknown said:

I so need this to come back! I lvoe VEra bradley items.

Unknown said:

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