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If you grew up in England as a kid and spent the summers down at the shore with grandma you would sure know what the following words meant: legs eleven, unlucky for some, cup of tea and knock at the door.  

These are bingo lingo for the numbers - all fun cockney rhyming slang.  
legs eleven = 11
unlucky for some = 13
cup of tea = 3
and knock at the door = 4 

We spent some time at the Eastern shores of England (Southend) as a kid and would see the bingo halls lined up with people young and old.  It was a great time for all, just wiling away the day with friends playing a spot of bingo.  If you didn't know, Bingo is a game in which players mark off numbers on a card as the numbers are drawn randomly by a caller.  The winner is the first person to mark off all their numbers on their cards and shout out BINGO. 

When I found the online bingo site Gala Bingo it brought back memories.  If you sign up and put down £5 you actually get £15 to spend.  There are actually some bingo games that are free to play.  Bingo is a community game so when you get some downtime head on over and make some new friends and maybe it might be your lucky day.  There are some great prizes to be won.

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