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How does your garden grow? Spring 2013

My parents have a huge organic garden and as a kid I loathed having to help out during the spring and summer months watering, weeding and harvesting the vegetables.  Little did I realize what a wonderful experience and healthy lifestyle they were providing me.  It was only when I had my own children did I realize how fortunate I was to eat fresh vegetables and how much money could be saved.

We have a 20X60 raised bed garden and early this spring I planted bak choi, lettuce, carrots and peas.  So far I've been able to harvest Bak choi and Black seeded Simpson lettuce. I'm patiently waiting for the peas and the carrots to be ready for harvest.  

After Mother's Day I planted my summer crops which I grew from seeds at home; tomatoes and pepper and then direct sowed the cucumber, zucchini and bean seeds.  I hooked up a soaker hose on a timer so I don't have to drag my hose out to water the plants.  So far this has been a washout spring so the soaker hoses haven't been used too much.  This year I put down some weed blocking material between plants which should help me cut back on weeding!  My children are eagerly awaiting the cherry tomatoes as it is their favorite to pick those straight from the plants. I'm personally waiting for the pickling cucumbers to come in so I can start canning and also for the zucchinis to start popping so I can make my chocolate zucchini bread!

The weather hasn't been cooperating as much but it is so exciting to go out each morning and see everything grow a little bit bigger! I'll keep you posted on my next harvest! How does your garden grow?

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DealiriousMama said:

We grow our garden every year, too, and it is so much fun for the kids. This year we planted strawberries, tomatoes and watermelons. Strawberries grew in April and now the tomatoes are coming in! That bread looks delicious. We'll have to try growing zucchini next year.

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