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How much should I spend on a kids bike?

Kids bikes can cost anything from $50 to over $500. If you’re on a budget, there are a number of things you can do to ensure you get the best quality bike for your money. Purchasing a kids bike on cost alone may actually turn out to be a false economy so do your research beforehand. 

Balancing costs 
Cheaper bikes, for example, tend to be heavier, which makes them a lot less fun and maneuverable for little hands and legs. Components such as gears and brakes on cheaper bikes are also often of inferior quality whereas paying slightly more will mean parts are proportionately sized, adjust correctly and will last longer. Wheels on slightly more expensive kids bikes tend to be lighter, stronger and do not buckle. Furthermore, a bike that lasts can also be passed onto another sibling, ensuring further and longer use of the bike and ultimately greater value for money. 

Where to buy 
So, shelling out that bit more on a kids bike in the first place may save you money in the long run, but where should you buy one from? Firstly, buying a bike from a reputable bike supplier - either in store or online - will mean that you will be safe in the knowledge that it has been manufactured by and enjoy further support from a specialist bicycle company. 

Second hand stores or sites may also give you a good balance of quality and reduced cost. Likewise, family or friends may have kids bikes for sale or to give away that their children have simply grown out of, thus ensuring you get your child a well-made ride for a lot less. Just make sure it’s the right size and fit for your child! 

Finally, if you are looking to buy a kids bike, then always save up the money beforehand rather than buying a bike on hire purchase or on credit. Having enough cash in the first place helps you to budget, saves you from paying weekly or monthly interest and even puts you in the position of being able to negotiate a discount too! 

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