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My Freebie Friday

I love to multitask and this morning, I dropped the kids off at school at 7am and got to work at 7.50 am and in the space of 20 minutes I picked up the following items - ALL FOR FREE

Acme Grocery store
4 packs of Mission Tortillas, 10ct (used these coupons).  See my original post here
3 boxes of Puffs Tissues (used Vocal point coupons)
When I checked out a coupon for a free Edy's fun flavor cup (up to $1.25) popped out.  Now a freebie on top of a freebie is what I call super couponing.

Avatar DVD (see their deal on their flyer plus used a $5 Extra care bucks) It does entail paying for things like the coke products but I offset that by buying all my fig newtons using the $1 coupon here as that fufilled some of the $25 spend.

2 boxes of Wheat Thins (be a fan on facebook and click to print the $1/1 coupon)  The tiny boxes are a $1 this week. 

I've updated my April freebie post as it is the last day of April today - how fast did this first quarter go already?

But the day is still young - so in my lunch break and before picking kids up at the end of the day I'll see what else I can pick up. 

Update: Here's what I got free after work:

I went to CVS and picked up 2 more Fig Newtowns and 2 more sunscreen.  then ran next door to Giants to pick up 9 cans of Mighty Dog (should have been 10 but he pushed my coupons through) and a CFL light bulb

Hope everyone has a great weekend and yay for the warm weather.

While I have your attention - sign up for a free sample of Dr Scholl's For her insoles here.  I need them for all the running around I do for the freebie shopping ; )


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