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4 Free Kellogs Corn Flakes Cereal

Note: 5/16  I picked up 12 boxes of cereal on Friday.  My friend enlisted her husband and picked up a whopping 36 boxes - now thats what I call a Freebie Junkie.  How many of your husbands or partners help you out with your freebie deals? - post your comments below!  My husband will print coupons for me but I do all the actual freebie shopping as I like the thrill of it all.

My local Genuardis has an awesome Kellogs Cereal deal tommorow (Buy 4 save $4).  The deal is good tommorow only (i.e. 5/14) as it stacks nicely with a catalina coupon deal which ends 5/14.  The limit is 20 per card (Genuardis store card).

Catalina deal ends tommorow 5/14:
Buy 2 Kellog Cereals get $2 catalina coupon
Buy 3 Kellog Cereals get $3 catalina coupon
Buy 4 Kellog Cereals get $4 catalina coupon

So buy 4 Kellogs Cornflakes for $4 ($1 each)
Use 2 $1/2 Kellogs coupons found on and kellogs website
Total out of pocket = $2
Minus $3 catalina coupon
Total after coupon and catalina coupon = $1 MONEYMAKER

I have my eyes on the Fruit Loop cereal as these have the Toy Story reward codes that you can redeem for prizes e.g. movie tickets, movie concession bucks and t-shirts etc.  This is what I plan to do after the Kellogs cornflakes deal above.

Buy 4 Kellogs Fruit Loops = $6 ($1.50 each)
Use 2 $1/2 Kellogs coupons found on and kellogs website
Total out of pocket = $4
Minus $3 catalina coupon (from transaction 1)
Total after coupon and catalina coupon = $1 i.e. 25 cents per box (woot woot)
While this is not free, I can redeem 3 Kellogs rewards codes for a $5 movie concession coupon.

NOTE 5/14: my Genuardis did not have the specially marked Toy Story boxes.  So not sure I will do this deal.  Going to run to one more Genuardis after work today and see if they have it
I'm going to rinse and repeat Transaction 2 for Transaction 3 and 4 as I would like to get another Alien Light (needs 8 codes i.e. 8 boxes of participating boxes of Kellogs cereal)

I already have 16 boxes of Kellogs cereal at home from the Giant PA deal last week - so I shall def. be spreading the wealth as I have no more room in my pantry for cereal.

But don't forget the catalina coupon ends tommorow so it won't be as good as a deal thereafter.

Don't forget to go to cellfire and shortcuts to load up some ecoupons onto your genuardis card.

There's also a deal on Windex Multi Surface Cleaner:

Buy 4 Windex Multi Surface Cleaner = $7.96 ($1.99 each)
Minus 4 X $1 coupons (5/9/10 Smart Source newspaper insert)
Total out of pocket = $3.96
Get back two $2 of your next shopping catalina coupon
Total out of pocket after coupons & catalina coupon = 4 cents MONEY MAKER 
You can load a $1/1 ecoupon (not sure whether I had it on cell fire or short cuts) to make it a $1.04 MONEYMAKER

Note: Windex Catalina deal ends Saturday 5/16

If you didn't get enough Right Guard Total Defense 5 Deoderant from CVS this week then here's another deal at Genuardis this week.

Buy 3 Right Guard Total Defense 5 Deoderant = $5.97
Use $3/2 manufacturer coupon from
Use $1.50/1 manufacturer coupon from here
Load $1.50 ecoupon from here
Total out of pocket = 3 cents MONEYMAKER
Don't forget when you get overage to buy something else to cover the overage

Time to use the Wacky Mac pasta coupon that I had posted here.  Its $1 at Genuardis and using the 50c/1 coupon which doubles makes it free.

Happy Guenardis shopping


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