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Coupons to print for freebies has some new coupons that you need to print and save.  Click on the adbar above the main post and it will take you to the huge list of coupons that can be printed.  Search for the following to print:

Wackymac Pasta 50c/1 expires 6/1/10
El Paso Products 60c/2 Expires 6/1/10 Note: 5/4 Giant PA has a deal when you buy 6 packets of the seasoning for 66c each you get a $3 coupon to be used on chicken or beef for your next transaction (use 3 of the 60c/2 printable coupons then you pay only 36 cents (unless your store doesn't double the subsequent like coupons then oop is $1.56) and get some taco meat for free.  Pretty good, plus pair it up with the free Mission tortillas and you'll be all set for Cinco De Mayo.  Click here for the Mission Tortilla deal. 
Note: 5/5 Just a thought - my Giant PA will only double one "like' coupon so if your store does that your out of pocket on the seasoning and beef will be $1.56, still a good deal.  I had some $1/2 coupons so I paired up 1 60c/2 and 2 $1/2 and my out of pocket is 76 cents.  I also modified my post to say you get the $3 meat coupon instead of it automatically takes off $3 when you buy meat in the same transaction.

Both of these double and will yield freebies.  I'll update you when I find which store has the sale to yield freebies.  Please note, you can print 2 copies per computer.

If you missed my April coupons to print then click this link here.

Click here for additional coupons to print (these only print once though per computer):

French's Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce (75c/1, expires 8/31/10) - Note: 5/3 - I found this for $1.50 at Giant PA this week, they double the coupon to make it FREE
French's Worcestershire sauce (50c/1, expires 8/31/10)
Frank's Red Hot Sauce (50c/1 expires 8/31/10) Note: 5/4 - I found this for $0.79 at Giant PA this week, they double the coupon to make it FREE

French's Mustard (50c/1 expires 8/31/10)

Again, I'll update this post when I find out which store has these on sale and we can get them for free.


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