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Still in a pickle again ....

Yep I'm still pickling : )

I made another batch of pickled cucumbers tonight (6 jars) as they keep on coming.  This will be a total of 21 quart jars of pickled cucumbers to date, plus they are still growing. Did you know if you can them properly they can last for 2 years at room temperature. 
The batch that I pickled tonight was the bread and butter kind - its so good.  I used Mrs Wages bread and butter pickle mix. 

Check out my how to pickle here and my How does your Garden Grow Series.

My roma tomatoes are doing well, each day I get a batch of ripened tomatoes that I can pick.  I'm going to try to can some.  I'll update you when I figure out how to can tomatoes.  I'll also be making sauce and freezing it.

My eggplants are doing wondeful and I'm waiting for my green peppers to go red.  I want to make some roasted red pepper and try my hand at canning them.
Time to start your fall plantings.  Brocolli, cauliflower, lettuce and spinach are a few to try.

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Anonymous said:

I love canning tomatoes. The taste of fresh tomatoes in the winter is great!

The Freebie Junkie said:

Do you have any good recipes for canning?

Kelley said:

Our favorite is the spaghetti sauce from Mrs. Wages. A bit spicy but great taste.

TinkerBellBabe said:

My mom made zucchini (yes, zucchini :)) pickles from scratch, brine and all, and they were amazing!!!

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