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Update on the Free Dryel!

For those who:

- missed out on the free dryel deal posted here
- or like me forgot to print the rebate form out to find it has already been removed from the website although you purchased within the specified dates

Well good news, I contacted Dryel and told them my predicament and I got a great response back the other day!

“We extended the Free offer online because of the demand we were getting for it. Although the date says August 31, we have alerted our fulfillment agency to accept any purchases through the September 30. We hope that you find that this extended month is reasonable."

If anyone would like a pdf copy of the rebate form, email me at and I'll email you the revised rebate form they sent me.

YAY for Dryel's response team!

Click here for how to do the rebate - you have till September 30th to do this deal now with the new rebate form.


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