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Party Giveaway Extravaganza: Box Creations - A must have item!

There's a Woo bridge (bridge that lifts up for incoming boats) on the way to my in-laws and every time we go over the metal bridge we lift our legs and make a wish.  Each time my daughter's wish is simply to "be a Princess".  She's dressed up as Snow White for Halloween for 2 years in a row and last year she dressed as Belle.  So it was only fitting to plan her party around the theme of Princess Belle as we already had a Belle dress.  We were expecting around 10 kids in the age range of 4-6 and from experience a fun activity is required to keep everyone entertained especially since we are in the dead of winter and indoor activities are the only option if we want to stay warm.

I went about looking online for a budget friendly Princess themed activity for the party and when I saw the Princess castle by Box Creations on sale for half price at The Foundary (no longer available), I knew this would fit my Princess theme perfectly.

 I underestimated the Princess castle - it was a HUGE hit with the kids and parents.  There were periods during the party where there was silence - very unusual considering my two who like to shout all the time.  They were all busy coloring the castle.  I was surprised at how roomy the castle was, at one point we had 6 kids sit comfortably inside.  The kids were glued to the castle the entire time except to go eat pizza, ice cream and cake.  If you are planning a birthday party, or even a playdate or just to entertain your kids at home during the winter this is a must have item.

The castle which is made out of recycled material withstood the excitement of 10 kids and now sits proudly in our basement bearing the rainbow scribbles of preschoolers.  My kids head straight to the castle every time we hit the basement.  I love how we can pack the castle up and take it with us to the next playdate or to my Mother in Law's when date night comes around.

Box Creations has kindly offered The Freebie Junkie readers a coupon code PROMO10 for $10 off your purchase.  With this code you can score the Princess Castle for $29.99 with your $10 coupon code and shipping and packaging is included in the price. 

If you have Swagbucks Amazon codes handy purchase the Country Cottage Play House for $29.99 minus your Amazon codes - free ship if you have Amazon Prime too.

I have my eye on the Pirate Ship for my son's 6th birthday party in May.  We've already used the Pirate theme a few years back and I've kept the excess party gear so the ship will be the icing on the cake.

Disclosure: A sample product was provided to me in exchange for my honest review. The opinions and thoughts expressed are my own. I received no other compensation for my review nor was I under any obligation to give a positive review.

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Children Teaching Mama said:

That's a great deal. Box Creations makes the best playhouses that I've seen. I'm going to buy the pirate ship for my son! Thanks for the great deal. :)

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