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Top 10 April Freebies - Repurpose Me Freebies

Every month I list my favorite Top 10 freebies.
In honor of Earth Day on April 22nd this month's freebie theme is "Reuse Me Freebies". 

Most of the freebies that I post about come from couponing, rebates, daily deals and online shopping.  Why not go green and reuse your everyday home items and repurpose to make new freebies:

1. Simply Designing turns an old T-shirt into a simple but beautiful cowl

2. Martha Stewart converts an old t-shirt into a shopping bag

3. Goodhousekeeping makes a fun eco-chic carrier

4. Create fun alphabet boxes for learning purposes using baby food containers.

5. Re-purpose your glass jars with decorative paper to make beautiful vases and centerpiece

6.  Create a color sorter to keep your little ones occupied during those rainy weekends.

7. Teach your kids the value of money with a “Save, Spend, Give” Coin Bank made out of a shoebox and baby food jars

9. Positively Splendid shows you how to turn diaper boxes into lined canvas bins


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