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Social Shopping and Daily Deal Sites - whats the deal?

Do you have your Groupon?

Just a few months ago I would have said pardon me in response to that question. 
Now I'm like "Hell Yeah".

There are a lot of these social shopping sites popping up these days that its dizzyingly exciting!  So much so that I can't even keep track of the passwords let alone the daily deals.  But in such a short time its been a whirlwind of fun freebies and awesome deals for me and hopefully for you too!

What is Social Shopping?
 Social Shopping is a method of e-commerce where shoppers' friends become involved in the shopping experience.  Through word of mouth such as blogs like mine these sites are the place to be everyday.  These are here to stay so keep up with the trend...

Here's the lowdown on some of these sites that I've signed up to and have had success with. 

Social Shopping Sites
These sites encourage groups of people to buy together at a great discount - products range from online stores such as Gap to local restaurants and services.  The deal is on when a certain number of people buy.  There are deals specific to certain cities but many online deals in certain cities can be used by anyone.

This site offers great discounts on local restaurants and services in your area - they also have great online store discounts.  Check out my recent, Zazzle and Gap success

This site offers great discounts on local restaurants and services in your area

Daily Deal Sites
These sites offer great discounts up to 90% off and range from designer stores/boutiques that we would not normally shop at to stores with everyday brands such as Kitchenaid.

From spa treatments to restaurant discounts, ski packages to yoga classes.  
My recent saves were the All You Magazine deal and Wild Dill

Use coupon code HOLIDAY3 at checkout to score $3 off your order. This is only valid on your first purchase and is valid through December 14, 2010.

Living Social
Very much like Groupon without the "deal on" part.  If you buy a deal and you share it with 3 friends yours is free (what a great incentive).

Plum District
Sign up to get $5 Plum Dollars towards your first Plum purchase, if you purchase within 7 days!
No More Rack
Daily deals start at noon everyday - once signed up, click on My Profile. Select Redeem a gift card. Input the code P1070 and enter and you’ll see the $10 credit in your account.

One Kings Lane
They offered a $10 credit upon sign up a while back but retracted it.  I had fun scoring free bamboo spoons.

Sign up and score a $5 sign up credit and use coupon code star (expires 11/30) at checkout to get $10 off.  I scored some kidorable rain boots for less than $5 shipped.

Haute Look
I scored a cute knitted scarf for $3.94 shipped recently

Discounted unique toys for the kids

Gaggle of Chicks
Gaggle of Chicks offers daily deals on the best products and services for moms and their families delivered right to their inboxes
I brought into the Head Chef deal here as stocking stuffers for my kids

 Geared towards items for kiddos between the ages of 1 to 7 years old.
I brought into the Head Chef deal here as stocking stuffers for my friends kids

Beyond the Rack
Discounted boutique and designer wear

The Foundary
This site hosts deals for everything you need in your home.  This has an awesome referral program - refer a friend get a $1 credit to your account (no purchase from your friends is necessary) - can get up to $50 referral credit.  If your friends make a purchase you score $20 credit!  I brought a chopping board that is multipurpose that folds up into a colander for $14 shipped.

This site offers a free deal per day contest to those who sign up to their facebook.

Discounted boutique and designer wear

The best part of these sites are the referral program - tell your friends about your deals and you'll be earning credits so you can get your freebies.  Go check some out and come back and tell me your deals!


Anonymous said:

I love daily deal sites! Thanks for the above list, I'll have to check those out as there are some that I haven't heard of before. One of my favorite daily deal site for gadgets and electronics is

HarleyC said:

Thanks for the list! There are some on there I didn't know about!

Unknown said:

Good list. You really did your research. All I knew about was Groupon.

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