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Helping Others through Couponing

We are very fortunate and blessed with a healthy happy family.  So giving back is a no brainer for me because of my mini stockpiles of freebies.  My stockpile is no way near extreme couponer standards but its enough to last me till the next sale and then some but enough that I can easily share with others less fortunate.  Or in recent cases those who have been through a natural disaster. 
My company is offering to match any employee donations to the American Red Cross and in addition they have set up a list of high priority items that we can donate for immediate relief to those in the Southern States affected by those horrific spring storms.
The list includes:
Hand sanitizer, baby wipes, personal care/hygeine, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, toothbrush, toothpaste sunscree, energy sports drinks, work gloves, safety goggles and first aid kids, gauze and band aids.
I can tell you many of these items on the list can be obtained for free using coupons provided in the Sunday inserts or printed from here, here, here or here.  Check against my freebie deals posted in my Drug Store Freebies and Target Freebies.  In addition facebook freebies offer many free samples that are mailed to me.  So with all of these freebies I've accumulated I've put together a nice pile that I'll be taking to work with me for donation!
Head to the American Red Cross website here and learn how you can give and get involved.
Check your local church or local organizations for any donation banks
 Head to Rosa's Scentsy American Red Cross Fundraiser here
Win a Lemonade Stand here and teach the kids how to give back while having fun.
Comment below and let us know if you were or know of anyone affected by the tornadoes...


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