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TLC Extreme Couponing - When Things Go Wrong...

TLC's Extreme Couponing airs every Wednesday 9 EST/ 8 CST - have you been watching?
Tonights show talks about "When things go Wrong....." maybe stop cheating the system and it won't go wrong (LOL)
If you fancy yourself as an extreme couponer or just want to save yourself a few bucks then here's a few tools to help you!
Printable coupons offers great alternatives to the weekend inserts as you can run your shopping list against these sites and print as you want
Coupon Network
Red Plum
Smart Source
ecoupons allow for no clipping - just place them onto your store card for instant reduction
CellFire (ecoupons)
Upromise (ecoupons)
Rewards Programs offers great prizes for simply collecting codes - many being free
Pampers (free 100 points upon sign up)
Daily Deal Sites offers fabulous deals up to 90% off and when paired with free codes you get even better deals
Read up here on daily deal sites
Some of my favorite
Eversave - free $2 credit upon sign up
HomSav - free $10 credit upon sign up
Totsy - free $4 credit when you sign up to Dealfinds through Totsy site - read here
Online shopping never looked so appealing with a little cashback for each spend - read up here
My favorite has to be ebates


Jennifer said:

Confused how they are "cheating the system"? They stock up on coupons and they wait till the product is on a great sale, then they stock up. How is that cheating? I would love to spend only $20 on a bill that would have been $200 or more! I think its a great show, and teaches you how to use coupons at least a little. Yea, we all don't need to be like them, but we can learn lots from them.

The Freebie Junkie said:

There's one extreme couponer who has been featured that has been shown to use coupons on an incorrect item to get freebies. She does this as there is a glitch in the system where you can figure out just from the barcode which coupons can be used on similar items which should be excluded but is not....

Anonymous said:

Jennifer... do you honestly believe that ANYONE can go in and spend 20 bucks on a 1,200 dollar transaction?? SMH.

Sarah said:

Your so right about people using coupons on the incorrect items. It's wrong, it will cost us all. We lost double coupons here because of people being dishonest.

Angel said:

@ Anonymous..... yes you can go into a store and buy hundreds of dollars worth of stuff for almost nothing....and NOT by cheating the friend amber is a huge couponer and has went to target and purchased over 600.00 worth of stuff for 5 bucks......she has multiple coupons and waits for things to go on sale rock just getting into coupons and went into walmart and purchased several item and my total was negative 15 cents.....i agree people should use coupons correctly and not try and cheat......but Anonymous people buy groceries and household products beauty products etc....for mere pennies should give it a try =)

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