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Calling Bloggers - kick back for your time?


So I enjoy freebies, steals and deals and this has brought me to the world of blogging.  Blogging is fun but definetely a time consuming affair (more than you'll ever know unless you are a fellow blogger yourself) but since I'm already surfing for freebies why not share them?  And also why not earn a bit of money for my time spent blogging too... mama needs some new kicks...
SocialSpark offers bloggers the chance to write about interesting services and products and get paid for your time.  I've been a member for a few months and since I choose blog integrity I choose paid posts that are of interest to me and my family and also of interest to you my readers.

Here are a few that I have worked on
Create polished movies with your smartphone with Fixlab
Microsoft OneNote
If you are interested sign up here
You are not obliged to take up all the posts and you can set your price limit on how much you would like to get paid.
Oh and the best part I could win a trip to Paris if you sign up here, maybe you could too if you sign up and refer your blogging buddies...


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