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September Top 10 Freebies - National Coupon Month

Every month I list my favorite Top 10 freebies.

September is National Coupon Month so lets talk free coupons
Find free secret coupon stashes at these following places:

1. In the Weekend Newspaper 


If you get the weekend paper then pull out the Red Plum, Smart Source and P&G coupon inserts every week and clip the coupons you need.  Check here for a preview of the coupons each week.

2. Online

There are many online sites that offer you the ability to print your own coupons - you just need a computer, printer, paper, ink and scissors.  Find a list of sites here.

3. At Home

Some manufacturer's will send you coupons when you sign up to test new product.  A few to try are:
Kraft First taste
General Mills Pssst
Kashi Community
Other great sites that require a little social networking for your free coupons include:
Or host houseparties and receive free items and coupons here

4. Manufacturer's Website
Many manufacturer's offer printable coupons at their website.  Also write the manufacturer a nice email about their product through their contact section online and you may be lucky enough that they mail you a thank you letter and coupons.

5. At the Grocery Store

Look out for coupon machines in your grocery store.  Also look on the store's shelves, where bargain seekers sometimes leave unused coupons near corresponding items.

6. At the Doctor or Dentist Office
You can often find coupons at the Pediatrician's, Doctor's or Dentist office.  Also don't hesitate to ask your Doctor for free samples of baby formula 
7. At the Gas Station

Sports drink and snack coupons are frequently posted on the refrigerator doors.  Tear them off and redeem at a supermarket that doubles coupons.
8. At a Restaurant 

Prior to eating out head online and check your restaurant website for any coupons.  If you are already out ask the hostess or cashier about discounts such as coupons delivered via text message.

9. At the Library

Check to see if there is a box where community members exchange coupons.  If your library does not provide this service, ask if you can start one.  You could also try this idea in the breakroom at your workplace or even organize one at your next Mommy and child playdate.

10. At the Coffee Shop
Local weeklies often contain coupon inserts for local businesses - look for them by the register.


This article was inpsired by an article in the September issue of the All You Magazine.

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