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We’re Giving Away an iPAD2 {Twitter links Group 1}

We love our readers! We're giving away an iPad2 to (1) Reader! So, get to entering for your chance to win! Good luck!

PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS NOT THE GIVEAWAY POST. This is the twitter links ONLY to gain 25 Entries 

Simply go down the twitter list below and follow all to gain your 25 entries. Then head back here to fill out the rafflecopter form.








Make sure you follow all - we will verify entries : )
 Head back to the giveaway here to the rafflecopter form.
Good Luck
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Crazylicious85 said:
This comment has been removed by the author.
Crazylicious85 said:

I'll have to come back to a few later, some haven't made their giveaway post yet!

Thanks :)

Mari said:

actually being starpped for $$. i need it for rent

Anonymous said:

i'd feed my family

Anonymous said:

great contest !! would help tp buy gifts and groceries
Kelly K

debpaint16 said:

I' tried to leave a comment on 'Longing for a Simpler Life' & it would not accept comments. And, on Momfuse, the Giveaway was not even listed on their site. Please advise, what to do, as I don't want all of the other comments not to count because of these two blogs!! Thank you!!

Clifford Jeffery said:

We are 18 months without work so if we did not use it for bills I would buy some gifts for our three kids! cliffsgirl2001 at yahoo dot com

Serena said:

I would use the money for a Thanksgiving dinner with the family and Christmas gifts for my children.

Robin Quick said:

Thanks for such a great giveaway. This will be a blessing to someone!

guettel78 said:

I'd use the money to get my sister something extra special for Christmas, like a Kindle Fire or a new Blackberry, which I know would be a pretty terrific surprise. Thanks for the chance to enter!
Geoff K

The Freebie Junkie said:

Please ensure your posts for the giveaway are entered here The ones posted here do not count. Thank you

Unknown said:

I would use the money to help buy Christmas for my 11 grandchildren!

Toni said:

I would use this for Christmas gifts and something for the house for the holidays

Unknown said:

I would use this for Christmas gifts, I still have a few to get! Thanks for the giveaway!
Jennifer Boehme

Unknown said:

I want someone to know I left 2 comments on Fuse Mom's blog, and every time I went to her page tonight it has stopped my computer every time. So there is a comment twice that I seen and did. Her's is the only one that stopped my computer.
Jen Boehme

ArleneWhit said:

Christmas presents here I come! wooot wooot!!

Marta said:

i'd buy great Christmas gifts for my family!

Talex said:

I would use the money for gas and oil this winter.

Talex said:

I posted on all the sites listed except for 'Save and Share with Coupons' - I couldn't find a link anywhere for this giveaway.

silverdot said:

If I win this money, I would give it to my parents. They've had a really hard year this year. Thanks for doing this. Truly wonderful!

jennifer morales said:

i would use some of this money to buy my only son some educational gifts the other half i will donate to feed the children i would feel so great in my heart to know that i was able to provide meals and clean water to several starving children it would be awesome to know that they as well can enjoy a thanksgiving meal..

lemonlaurie said:

Very nice giveaway ,best of luck to all

ArleneWhit said:

Where do we post our comments on JBM Thinks? Thanks so much for the great giveaway!

Robin Quick said:

JBM doesnt even have this giveaway listed.. Ive done all the other comments. What do we do about the comment thats required for her blog?

Kathleen said:

I would use it to help pay off some bills, which would be so helpful!!
kathleenandkieran at hotmail dot com

Samantha & Susan said:

I would use it when I go shopping on Black Friday and buy breakfast for all of my shopping buddies!

Rachel Quist said:

Wonderful giveawawy, much needed during the holidays

Jane Hee said:

I would use the money to buy some food and then host a small family gathering :)
jane.hee08 [at] hotmail [dot] com

Stacy said:

This money could fund our big Thanksgiving dinner this year, which is on the verge of being cancelled due to lack of funds!


Lila said:

Wonderful giveaway. Thanks! Shopping here I come

The Smiles She Wears said:

I'll use it to buy some Christmas presents!! wowww!! :)

MichelleS said:

Michelle Sanchez
I would buy my daughter some toys and buy some dog/cat food/supplies to give to a shelter for the holidays.

angela dupree said:

Nice giveaway

Angela Dawn said:

It's been a hard year for us. We have 4 kids and less than NO money. =0( I would use it and stretch it as far as I could for groceries and to prepare a Thanksgiving Feast. We've been eating a lot of Roman Noodles lately and this would be an awesome treat. Thanks for the Chance!
Angela MacIntyre

Christina said:

I would put it towards Christmas gifts

itmaiden said:

Thank you for such a wonderful contest ! So Generous of you !

Tori said:

Hi! I'm saving up for my girls' college, so if I win I'll add this up to their funds!

Kaylee said:

Great giveaway! My mom always helps me out when I'm in need and now she needs the same so i would give it to her!

Anonymous said:

Need an operation on my cervial spine. Will be out of work for 6 months recovery. Would like to use the money for my kids for the holidays.

Sheila Vives said:

Happy Turkey Day Everyone !

Becky Willis said:

I can't find the post for this giveaway on JBM Thinks. Will go back to that one if someone can direct me where to find it.
askbeckyw at gmail dot com

Anonymous said:

If we won the money we would be able to buy our family presents. It is a lovely idea.

Anonymous said:

If I was to win, I would buy groceries to cook Christmas Dinner for my family.

Unknown said:

i would be able to invite more soldiers who dont have family or a place to go for thanksgiving over to my house cause i would use the gift card to buy more food!! thankful for not only my husbands service to our country but to many others and can express my gratitude by having them over for thanksgiving!!

Christina Perry said:
I would buy my family Christmas presents and lots of yummy food for Christmas dinner

Luyali said:

if i get it i would use the money to buy a laptop for my studies at the university

Happy Camper said:

I would buy Christmas presents for my family, in specific, I would help buy my mother a laptop as she’s wanted one for a while.
Dana Beeman: danabeeman(at)gmail(dot)com

Penny Kathleen said:
This comment has been removed by the author.
krisitna kissinger said:

i would use this to buy christmas for my kids we have not money to buy christmas this year

Life's Simple Pleasures said:

I'd love to get Christmas pressies andd upcoming birthday pressies for my loved ones.

Karen Propes said:

I would use the money for Bills and Groceries some for Thanksgiving Dinner. Thanks for the chance to win.

Cristina said:

Thanks for the giveaway. Awsome oportunity. XoXo

jean said:

My adopted children left my life for a little while and moved in with their biological mother. They are back and I have my family back. I would love to use it toward Christmas to welcome them back home.

darlene miller said:

i sent a request to NOT QUITE SUSIE ,when you click to follow her ,it says to send a request.
millerd55 twitter handle

Unknown said:



I'm following them all. Thank you!

Deeanne B. said:

Following all!

mwright199 said:

This would be awesome for me and my wonderful better half. Following all and thanks for the opportunity.

Stephanie said:

I was just looking at a playset and it is $300. This would be prefect. If we had a playset in the backyard, hubby and I could have a few minutes to talk. NICE.

Kim said:

Thank you for the giveaway.

Ascending Butterfly said:

I am following all the twitter accounts above, I am @Tracy_Iglesias on Twitter, if you want an idea of why I need the money, check out this post:

marilyn said:

awesome thankx so much! problem twitter will not let me follow more people as i have a very low following. can more people follow me please! @32mari thankx. 18ma78 at gmail dot com

Unknown said:

Just followed all via @brooke_photo

Thanks for sponsoring this!

Couponmaster said:

Followed all thanks for making this really easy to enter.
facebook deb kovac
twitter couponmaster11

traci smith said:

i am following everyone listed above , but they arent going dull ,the ones i already follow stay bright, only the 2 that are newly followed turned dull , so i hope it all counts

tracisme at gmail dot com

Unknown said:

Followed, Thanks Again!

stephanie said:

Followed thanks!

bromleylisa27 said:

Out oF the green stuff so this could really help!

dhunter40 said:

done thanks

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