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BoxTops = Free Money for your School

Box Tops for Education

As you all know I love superstacking. 
Superstacking to me is pairing a store sale, with a store and manufacturer's coupon and a rebate.  Online this means stacking an online sale with an online coupon code and ebates.  For the daily deals this means pairing a sale with a free credit and a coupon code.  The list is endless and just makes me tingly all over thinking about them all.
Did you ever think of Boxtops as a superstacking excercise?
I've been collecting Boxtops ever since I had my son because the day care that he went to collected them to earn money for school supplies.  For each boxtop that you simply clip from the select brands that carry them it will earn your school 10 cents.  Even if you only get a few boxtops a month every little helps.  My children's old daycare used to run contests where the class that collected the most would earn a free pizza lunch and the child that collected the most would earn a free scholastic book.  Being the coupon junkie that I am my son won the free scholastic book several times in a row.....

To me Boxtops are a win win superstacking excercise.  From my General Mills freebies from pairing a grocery store sale with a store and manufacture's coupon I can benefit a school with easy free cash via the boxtops.  Are you collecting yours? 

Join Boxtops here and see how you can make a DIFFERENCE


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