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Every Penny Counts.... because it means $10 profit

We all know the saying "Every penny counts"

Well it sure does in our household...  Last weekend I had the kids occupied sorting out my loose change bin.  I hate coins, they like to build up in my wallet and weigh down my purse.  So we have a loose change bin where we dump all our coins in and it has been building up all year.

I had the kids sort the coins out into pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters.  This also helped them to learn to count and learn about the value of money.  Once sorted I counted the coins and bagged them into $40 worth.  I ended up with 4 bags worth $160 in total. 

I bet you are wondering why $40?  There is method in my madness...

For the last two years I've been participating in the coinstar cash in $40 to earn myself $10 by getting back $50 in gift card from various retailers. Read up here.

I haven't seen them promote the coinstar program for 2011 yet (its still early days) but I'm hoping they do as from my $160 cash I will be getting back $40.  Last year I redeemed mine for an Amazon gift card so perfect for my Christmas shopping this year!

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