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Alice in Wonderland Party Games Ideas

As I mentioned earlier I am busy planning an Alice in Wonderland themed birthday tea party for my soon to be 5 year old.  I'm so excited and sometimes I think this is more for me than her : )

I'm hosting the birthday tea party at my house so I can create my own wonderlandia.  To keep the kids occupied I'm going to recreate the croquet game played by the Red Queen who used a flamingo and a poor hegehog.  I went online and found the following which will just work perfectly.

Sculptural Gardens Pink Flamingo Lawn Ornament, Pair
Pair of Sculptural Gardens Pink Flamingo Lawn Ornament
$15.57 + Free ship when you spend over $25

Hedgehog Puppet that can roll into a ball

$12.37 + Free ship when you spend over $25

I'll be sharing my planning ideas throughout January and February plus throw in a few sponsored giveaways along the way!

Check out how to make these Alice in Wonderland inspired invites.    

Have you ever hosted an Alice in Wonderland tea party?  Share your fabulous ideas!

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