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Hello Spring! $800 Cash #Giveaway

We are THANKFUL for our readers and welcome you to the Hello Spring! Cash Giveaway

We have teamed up with some fabulous bloggers to bring you a grand prize of $800

How would you spend your $800?
New wardrobe?
Organization Products?
Trip away?
College Fund?

Please enter using the Rafflecopter widget below in order to join this giveaway. Open to residents WORLDWIDE; 18+. Winner must have a PayPal account in order to claim the cash prize.

Only the first 3 entries are mandatory and the rest are optional, but of course the more entries you complete, the greater your chances of winning this prize! This giveaway will end on April 21, 2012 @ 11:59PM (EST).
Please note that you only need to enter this giveaway ONCE since we are all using the SAME Rafflecopter widget code.

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Anonymous said:

a spring wardrobe @minimisfit

mbrwhs said:

either an iPad2 and the new iPad for the wife because she deserves it and she can use for school rather than her old laptop.

Daphne said:

If I won the money I'd first give 10% to my church, and the rest I'd use to pay off bills.

THANK YOU for the opportunity!

vertuda89 said:

I'd put the money towards getting my first car. It's something I really want and need.

Anonymous said:

If I were to win my 14 yo daughter and I would take 300.00 each and go shopping for new clothes and shoes. Being a single mom on a very fixed income it leaves no extra for these things. Then I would take 200.oo to fill up the pantry with groceries that are very much needed. Thank You so much.

cathy said:

I would pay bills, and have alot of fun shopping online. I haven't bought me anything in a long time. Thank you.

Andrew said:

I would put it towards medical school savings.

Unknown said:

Camera accessories

Shelley Paige said:

pay off hospital bills from having baby

Tilak Suri said:

I would put it towards my education loan!

sara bradstream said:

put it towards a car for our daughter, so our grand kids and her could come see us in FT. JACKSON,SC

Crystal S. said:

I would use it towards a vacation with my husband before he deploys again in a few months.

MarzBarz said:

I would use it for my trip to visit my family this summer. Thanks!

Marlena Curley
marlena.curley at live dot com

Sara said:

I would put it towards a vacation with my sweetheart. Nearly four years together and we've never been able to go on one!

Donna said:

Bills and I really want an ipad! Thank you so much for the opportunity! :)

Timotheus said:

I'd repair my convertible roof so we can enjoy this weather...

Gina said:

I would buy a new hot water heater! Ours is dying. =/

Kristin said:

Use it for vacation!!

wowknk at gmail dot com

Tania said:

Oh I should use it too pay a few bills, but my kids have not been on vacation for 4 years now and they have been begging to go. Being a single mom, with a 14 and 10 year old, it is hard to get that extra cash to go on vacation. thank you for the giveaway.

Natasha said:
This comment has been removed by the author.
stephanie said:

I would def use some of the money for Easter and my daughters bday party! and pay some bills(boo)!lol

Natasha said:

Oh WOW!! What an amazing giveaway! So much I could do with that- we are a one car family on a budget so I buy almost everything online- household goods, family food, baby food, dog food. My six month old is ready for a walker and doorway jumper and my 4 year old loves to paint so more paint and paper would be great. My boys could also use some summer shoes. For my husband and I a mini vacation would be great- we never get away so it would be awesome to maybe do a weekend together and then a weekend camping trip with the kids too. Thanks for this great giveaway!!

Ditto said:

Treat the family to a long deserved vacation.

Anonymous said:

Take my husband for trip back home to Virginia.

Anonymous said:

I will use it to pay bills.

Anna Garcia said:

Pay Some Of My Bills . Work Is Very Slow . Anna

Leslie L said:

Use it towards my graduation trip To Disneyworld!

Jen said:

i should be responsible and pay some bills, but i think i'd rather spend it on an iPad! :)

Unknown said:

I'd use the money to buy a new stroller (for baby #3 due in June) and then use the rest to pay off bills!

Cat said:

Sadly, I'd put it toward paying our taxes. We owe a crazy amount this year and we really need to build our checking back up after that. grrrr.

Jeanette J said:

I will give some to my daughter, some to my son and save the rest.

amp said:

Money is very tight right now so this would be a miracle and I would get my car fixed and get some dental work done for my cat.

apoalillo (AT} hotmail dot com

js22 said:

wow, $800! I think that I would save it- we're having a family reunion in Florida this summer, and with the price of gas, and hotels and such, I can use all the money I can get!! It would certainly make me feel better knowing I had all that money to spend towards the reunion expenses!
Thanks for the giveaway!

Phoenixx said:

Pay the bills and replace my old PC which is on its last leg.

Jody Sisson said:

It would go toward Bills.
jodysis at windstream dot net

Bethany C. said:

I would use it for birthday and holiday presents.


LauriD said:

I would purchase more gluten free food for myself. Thanks for this opportunity!

Anonymous said:

i would pay some bills and by my boyfriend a great bday present and then take my mom on a mini vacay! said:

Wow,this is quite a major haul,$800. I'd make a lot of my friends and family very happy. Thank you so much.

momof5girls said:

I need a couch in my empty new house so we have somewhere to sit. :)

online ako said:

if i won the $800, i will have a summer vacation with my family!

Vickie Bartlett said:

800 would be enough for a new fridge

Beck Valley Books said:

I would have to pay all our outstanding bills and then give us all a small treatxx

Anonymous said:

i'd pay bills. :[

Katie said:

go away for my anniversary in May.

or buy fabric!

Megan Blumenthal said:

Pay bills!

Angela said:

Pay a few bills and buy a new dining table and chairs or breakfest nook :-)

GoodnessGraces said:

I have been saving for a camera since mine broke. I would so love to win this.

polly said:

i would put it towards the new car we want to buy!

Barbarawr said:

Wow - $800 is so much that it boggles my mind. I can think of little things I would get but nothing impressive. Oh! I know! A new kitchen floor!

Email address is in blogger profile

Elizabeth said:

I will get myself an ipad

Unknown said:

I would put it in the bank to help pay bills. I was filling out the rafflecopter form on but didn't see a place to comment there so I'm commenting here. I hope that's right.

Anonymous said:

I would put some grass in my backyard for the kids! We only have dirt now, and its been like this since we moved in. :' (

alexis said:

I think id buy a new laptop if i won

Stefy Ste said:

stefy ste fb
gfc abella
twittere stefy
they would use the money for my family at this time I need it, because we're not working

Libby's Library said:

I would use it to go to SheCon 2012
Thanks so much for the great giveaway!

Nimsrules said:

the $800 will come handy as I plan to launch my web design portfolio soon, also I wanna get my dad a new phone. Thanks for hosting this giveaway.

Anna at Mama Writes said:

I'd use it to visit my brother and niece in OK. Thanks for this amazing giveaway!

Gail S. said:

Gail S.
I will put it towards my son's college enrollment fee of $500 in which he need by April 1st to hold his spot on college campus towards his dorm fee. Having financial hardship to pay this, but hope some help will come soon. Thank you. :)

Mary Casper said:

I would opay off bills

Susan W. said:

I'd put the money towards a new TV for my bedroom and one for my son's bedroom :) said:

How wonderful this would be. Wow, thank you!

Anonymous said:

I would be very grateful to win the money and put it towards my college fund :')

Marie said:

Some new furniture would be nice! :)

Jamillah70 said:

WOW I would love to win this OMG I would so Please Pick Me


Planning to buy cricut expressions machine ^_^. I'll be using it for my online biz.

Beckysworld said:

I'm torn I have bills that could be paid but the kids need summer clothes, so probably a little of both

Olga said:

I'd enrol my little girl in a ballet class and use what's left to take the family on a short vacation.

Anonymous said:

If I win, then this money will go in with the rest of my money towards my daughters 1st year of college at Grand Valley State University!! Did not realize how stressful starting her in college was gonna be because I never went!! Went me luck!!

Shannon Hernandez said:

I'd give my husband a very special first anniversary surprise. our anniversary is very soon!

Unknown said:

stock my fridge!

danw78704 said:

twitted hello spring giveaway

Charlene said:

I'll be purchasing some marketing courses.

Beth said:

$800 is a LOT of money! I would pay off a bill then get a nice new camera, photoshop & lightroom. Thanks!

anita b. said:

i would get a juicer and a DSLR camera. I bought a groupon to take a photography class but I have only a point and shoot camera that I won in a giveaway.

Robert R. Francis said:

I would buy my fiance a DSLR camera b/c she has wanted to get into photography for awhile and her first class is coming up soon. It'd be a great surprise for her. :)

danw78704 said:

twitted 800 cash giveaway

Quantmlife said:

We're expecting a new baby in July and keeping the gender a surprise until birth so we'll probably buy non-neutral items or I'd actually love to have a better camera, I don't have a decent digital one ~Cindy B (on fb/rc)
Thanks for the great giveaway.

Stevie j said:

I will donate a portion of the $ to and will invest in my business with a portion, and the rest for a well deserved vacation.

Unknown said:

buy an ipad and save the rest

kport207 at gmail dot com

danw78704 said:

twitted this cash giveaway

Unknown said:

been a rough year recovering from surgery, so as much as i would love to just go shopping... it would be used towards catching up on some past due bills

hundahar said:

I would splurge on a surprise gift for each of my 3 daughters & myself !!

Anonymous said:

Put it into the college fund for my daughter... -

danw78704 said:

twitted this blog today

Amy Dalrymple said:

Pay the bills and buy a new camera lens.

Chrissy P. said:

I will put it towards my kids college fund :)

Mimi N said:

Pay bills. My ex (who pays all the bills) hasn't been paid in almost 2 months at his job, yet they expect him to keep showing up! OY!

Donna H. said:

I'm currently unemployed, so I'll fund my upcoming Hawaii trip and also buy cookware.

Lycus Fenriz said:

Books and my college funds, lessen the burden of my parents who are paying my college fees. :D

danw78704 said:

twitted this blog giveaway

buzzd said:

pay off bills

Miranda Johnson said:

If I win I'll pay bills with it.
bctripletmom at gmail dot com

Olivia0102 said:

If I won, I would pay the remainder of my spring semester tuition bill and some groceries :)

danw78704 said:

twitted freebie junky cash giveaway

LAFF said:

I need new flower bed fencing, so it would go to that and some bills. :)

danw78704 said:

love to win this to take my family out to dinner

Rich_Kolb said:

A tv

Katherine S. said:

it would go toward bills

Stella said:

bills and ipad!

Unknown said:

Pay off some of my student loans!


kath said:

the money would go towards my son's schooling

Keetra said:

I'd probably put it aside because I'd like to go abroad to study and it'll cost a lot of money :)

Michelle said:

I'm saving for a house so I'd love any extra $$$$ thank you!

Keri {One Mama's Daily Drama} said:

I would send it to my student loans! said:


Sylvia said:

A vacation this summer

breakmydreams said:

If I win the $800.00 I would first buy a laptop and then put the rest into my savings account :)

Allison Downes said:

I will use it on bills

jessica said:

save it! i am saving up for a car :)

jek9880 at gmail dot com

Anonymous said:

Lol. I hope I win.

Christi Baham Willie said:

I owe little over $500 on my car so PAY IT OFF!!!!

Charity and John said:

I would put it towards my new kitchen cabinets.
primabee at hotmail dot com

(¯`•¸Geca¸•´¯) said:

Thanks a lot for hosting fabulous giveaway! I'd take my whole family for an out of town trip if I win this :D

Julie said:

I would put it towards my graduate school loans.

Anonymous said:

Oh my goodness, I don't even know where I would begin with $800. Get caught up on bills would be a good start :)

Betty Roberts said:

Probably pay some bills, and buy my kids a play kitchen :)

Jenette said:

Would use it to pay for our moving truck this summer, for our cross country move.

Rhiannon said:

give my husband some spending money for our vacation in june (on his bday) or pay for a fishing charter while were in mexico and my share i'd pay off my credit card :-(

Jane said:

I would buy us some patio furniture.

Linda S said:

I would use it for a vacation. :)

Unknown said:

If I won 800 dollars I would help my mom pay down on her mortgage + credit cards and buy her an outfit and shoes. If there was anything left over after that I would take my family out to eat then buy myself some new clothes

Anonymous said:

Xbox kinect package probably

Shelby70 said:

I would use the money to pay a couple past due bills, then the rest of it would be used to buy myself much needed clothes,

Shelby70 said:

I would use the $800 prize that "The Freebie Junkie"post is giving away to pay some bills and buy myself some new clothes. I also would go to the dentist and have a chipped tooth lood at.

Dyniy said:

I would love to win this. I could give a nice donation to Friends Of Felines Rescue Center (FFRC)on Ustream. Thanks for the chance to win.

ohstac said:

I would pay off some bills.

Naga said:

Who knows.. porbably pay some bills and buy lots of books ^^

Unknown said:

buy new cam, i lost the only unit i got at Tanza Oasis on Saturday. buy a new shirt for my partner and kid. save the rest for rainy days.

awhartness said:

I would put the money towards a summer vacation.

Angie Bailey said:

I'd put this money towards my car payment.

marbles999 said:

I would buy some new clothes.

cyn1991 said:

pay the bills and have dinner with my boyfriend

B0NI said:

I would by an iphone

Jessica B said:

I'd buy an awesome new bike!

Love Katydid said:

I would buy new brake pads for my car, and fix my husbands car so that he can use it again.

Anonymous said:

I would pay off the tires I just put on my car and get my bills caught up!

Unknown said:

I would out the money towards my hubby going to school!

Anonymous said:

If I won, I would give the money to my Son for his wedding.

Anonymous said:

I will use it to pay my bills & help us to be able to move.

amirbahalegharn said:

you know , I am the kind that hardly use money on myself or things related somehow to me but recently because I have found my life light(GF-Bride to be), I believe having 800$, wooow, I can do alot, attending dentist, buy things neccessary for a couple to use under one roof, ... really alot , this will be like a divine gift from you all pals, & all I can say is " thank you for giving us such amazing Giveaway"

Angie B said:

If I win I'll finally get myself an ipad!

melissa s said:

I would buy a new riding lawn mower! Despretely need to cut my acre of grass!

joanie said:

10% to the good Lord. And pay off some bills

Keara B. said:

I'd love to use this to pay off a little bit of a loan, but I'd probably put some toward a special treat for my hubby and daughter.

Amanda said:

I will put it towards as many diapers and food supplies for my brother's baby. We have our 2nd on the way, but my brother works so hard and is struggling. I love him and my niece so much. :)

Betty C said:

After Uncle Sam gets his cut it would all go toward bills.
willitara [at] gmail [dot] com

Anonymous said:

I would use it towards my family and expenses...

Marija Pudar said:

Go away on a family weekend trip and pay off some debt.

Anonymous said:

I would buy some units of computer for our internet cafe business and give some gifts to my parents. <3

Anonymous said:

I couldn't find the box to comment on so I put it here - Write the name of the blog you are entering from. - The Freebie junkie

Tara W said:

No box to comment on- Entering on The Freebie Junkie blog.
Rafflecopter Name: Tara Woods

tavernie said:

I would pay some bills with it!
ptavernie at yahoo dot com

Tara W said:

I would pay some bills and buy a treadmill.
Rafflecopter Name: Tara Woods

Shelley Bgreen said:

I would treat myself to an iPad. Can't afford one so this would be great!

07violet said:

buy groceries and pay bills

alterna7 at hotmail dot com

spirit_kim said:

I would pay some unexpected bills and stock the freezer.
gabe411 at hotmail dot com

AEKZ2 said:

I'd buy a new tv!

annettekz2 AT yahoo DOT com

Robin T said:

I would save the money for christmas

guettel78 said:

I'd use the $800 to help pay off my student loan for the next three months, which would be a huge help!

Geoff K

Stefy Ste said:

chi ha vinto?

Unknown said:

Use coupons for shopping,food etc.

Texas Roadhouse Coupons

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