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June Top 10 Freebies: Summer Fun Freebies

Every month I list my favorite Top 10 freebies.
School's letting out this month so this month's freebie theme is "Summer Fun Freebies".

 As a working Mom, my kids who are 7 and 5 will spend their first month at home with a babysitter and then the remaining weeks at a fun summer camp close to our house.  Our goal for them is to be outside enjoying nature, playing kids games, swimming, overall to be a kid in a safe environment.  Employing a babysitter and summer camp is by no means cheap and even if you are a stay at home Mom trying to entertain kids who have spent the majority of the year in a structured environment can both be costly and frustrating for everyone concerned.  So here I list some fun free summer activities - bookmark this post and refer back often. 
1. Go to the Library - You'd be amazed how much of what the kids learned at school during the academic year is lost during the summer, so encourage your kids to read during the summer and spend the day at the library.  Here are some ideas for the library:
i) A million and one books for the kids to be entertained with
ii) check out some DVD's or games
iii) Check out the free summer activity schedule at the library
iv) free air conditioning to keep you cool
3. Win Super Summer Prizes with the Scholastic Summer Reading Program
4. Free $10 for Kids at TD Bank For Reading Program 2012
5. Free $5 GC to Half Price Books Feed Your Brain Summer Reading Program
6.  Kidsbowlfree - 2 free bowling a day all summer long
7. AMF - 2 free bowling a day all summer long
8. Free Movies - Chillax with the kids at these free movie events here
9. Grow your own vegetable garden - not only does this teach your kids about where vegetables come from but the responsibilities involved in growing your own free food.

10. Create a "summer buddy program" - Call around your Mommy network for play dates and friends to share in new activities and stave off boredom.


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