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I love entering giveaways

Do you all play the lottery?  I play it only when the lottery amount is high - not sure why as the odds increase but something about $20 million dollars just rings my bell.  Well I'm still here so no I haven't scored big playing the lottery.

My current favorite is to enter giveaways on fellow bloggers sites.  The chances of winning are so much higher, I have one Freebie Junkie reader who's won 3 of my giveaways and I've only been running giveaways actively for the last 2-3 months - thats crazy.  For me I've won two giveaways too - I won the free blog makeover and just recently I won this cute handmade purse by Jolly Little Purse through Leksi Design's giveaway.  When I go out I tend to transfer my ID, credit card and cash into a small purse so I don't have to lug my big shoulder breaking purse around with me, so this beautifully designed purse that I won fits the bill perfectly. 


I love this iphone/ipod and other gadgets wallet here by Jolly Little Purse.

Brooke from Leksi Designs has her own little Etsy shop too - I love this necklace below and would love a custom one with my husbands and childrens name engraved on it.  For the men reading this, this makes a perfect Christmas gift ; )  I wish it was so easy to buy mens gifts!


I have 4 giveaways right now so come enter them all

More giveaways to come too ; )

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Unknown said:

congrats on your wins!

Barb said:

Yes I love winning giveaways too! I regularly all this year have won 1 giveaway about every 9 days so I think it's great! That's based on entering dozens and dozens of giveaways. I have a bunch going on right now too-1 is for $125.00 skechers shoes!

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