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My May Freebie list

I couldn't wait and so I'm posting my May Freebies 6 days ahead of the end of the month (items that I have received in hand as of May 25).  I have included links to my original post so that you may still try to get the same freebies that I have.  Haven't quite figured out how to open the links in a new page though ( people can u help me on this?)

4 French's Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce
6 Tabasco Sauce
4 Red Hot Sauce
2 Heinz Relish (coupon from Sunday paper)
1 Uncle Ben Rice Pouch (online sign up)
8 packs of Carolina Rice (small pouch)
4 packs of Carolina Rice (1lb) (Sunday paper coupons)
4 wacky mac pasta
4 Kellogs Corn Flakes
16 boxes of kellogs cereal (Frosties & mini wheats)
Bullseye bbq sauce
Digiornos pizza bread (mail in rebate found in Sunday inserts)
Philly Cheese Steak Pretzel
3 Dove Chocolate bars (1.3 oz) Used 55c/1 coupons found in Sunday inserts
Kraft pack with wheat Thins
Ronzoni Garden Vegetable Pasta
4 bottles of Skinny Water
2 Sobe Water
2 Liter bottle of Diet Dr Pepper (free with $1 off at Giants wyb rotisserie Chicken and I paired it up with the 60c/2 coupon which doubled and was a moneymaker of $1.06)
Free Mac n Cheese (wyb Rotisserie Chicken at Giants PA)

5 Reynolds Recycled Foil
4 Reynolds Grill Foil
6 Seventh Generation Dish Liquid
2 Seventh Generation Wipes
4 Windex (Genuardi's store deal)
2 samples Color Grabbers Cloths
16 packs of Solo Plates (paid $1)
Sample of cascade
Stouffers Pot Holder

7 cans of Mighty Dog (coupons from Sunday inserts)
2 Dentasticks

4 Crest Pro Health Tooth Paste
4 Right Guard Total Defense Deoderant
1 Plackers Grind No More sample
2 Kotex U Tampons
8 bottles of Gillette body wash
2 Bottles of Gillette body wash ($4 money maker)
4 bottles of Old Spice body wash ($8 money maker)
4 Reach Floss
1 Hydro Stick Razor
Sample Suave Professional
1 CVS conditioner
2 Olay Regenerist sculpting cream ($30.03 money maker)
2 Olay Regenerist Sculpting serum
2 Olay facial moisturizer
4 packs of CVS pocket tissue2 CVS make up pads
2 Samples of Pampers Cruisers
2 Samples of Huggies Pullups

2 Bayer Aspirin
$13 Check for Zyrtec Childrens med recall

Kids games and vanity from a freecycler

Free coupons
$5 Movie Concession Cash
Free movie ticket
2 Kraft Olive oil Mayo
1 Philadelphia Minis
Homestyle deluxe Mac and Cheese Dinner
Oscar Mayer Selects hot Dog
Edys snack size ice cream (Catalina coupon from Acme)
Breyers Yo Crunch (wrote nice email to them)
2 Mac & Cheese Explosions

Bowling Family Package, includes pizza, drinks and shoe rental
Host of Bic Soleil house party - beach bag, Sunglass case, bic soleil razors, $3 coupon, beach speakers and headphones

Just think I got paid $43.09 to take this all away as some of the freebies were money makers! Not too shabby for being addicted!

I guess you are wondering how I do it all being a working Mother and all. Well I run errands, before and after work and during my lunch break. Luckily I have all the major stores on my way to work and near work. I also sign up for coupons, rebates etc at my address and my MIL and SIL's address. They are super nice and pass them onto me and in exchange I share my freebies. With some planning you can do this too. Why pay when you can get it for free.  Check out my article on Freebie 101.

Its not hard to do all of this really as I spell out all my deals on this website, so why don't you also sign up to get these posts via email or click like me on facebook (Addicted to Freebies) and you'll see my daily posts. Deals go so quick these days so don't miss out (links to email and facebook are on the right hand side of this column).

Please feel free to email me your freebie list for May (pictures tell a thousand words too) and the best one will be posted on my site and I'll mail out a envelope full of useful coupons and include a couple of free coupons.

Next month I'll try to figure out how much money I've saved from not paying a dime on these freebies : )


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